Safety Ladders News Roundup – May, 2018

Safety Ladders News Roundup – May, 2018

01st June 2018

Ladder safety is an issue that gives cause for concern on a regular basis here in the UK.  The team at Safety Fabrications is dedicated to providing our customers with the safest equipment possible.  Every month we scour the internet for news on ladders or work at height so that we can keep our readers up to date with what’s going on in the world of ladders and access equipment.  This is our news roundup offering for the month of May.  If you have anything to add to any of the stories and have come across an issue that you’d like us to cover, please let us know either by email or comment on our Facebook Page or Twitter stream.

Window cleaner, Richard Kelly retired last week after spending 50 years climbing up and down ladders in Huddersfield town centre.   Kelly claims to have only fallen once but has admitted that at Britannia Buildings he and his workmates would step out onto a second floor window ledge to navigate their way around the building without safety harnesses!  He began work at the age of 15, joining his Uncle Ron Hutchinson as a trainee commercial window cleaner in 1968.  Kelly revealed that Uncle Ron would inspect the team’s shoes and make sure they were dressed appropriately for the work at hand, including denim smocks with leather shoulder pads designed for carrying ladders.

A 59 year old man in Paisley died after suffering a cardiac arrest whilst at the top of a ladder at the rear of a property.  He fell from the top of the ladder and, sadly, was pronounced dead at the scene.

A man was airlifted to hospital with serious injuries after falling off a ladder in Neath, Wales.  Meanwhile in New South Wales, a video has emerged of a contender for this year’s Idiots on Ladders competition.  The man can be seen “surfing” on a wakeboard down a ladder that was propped against a pitched roof.  Did he come a cropper?  Of course, the wakeboard slipped from under him, resulting in his legs getting caught between the rungs and smashing his face into the ladder.  Luckily, he seems to have survived the incident unscathed.

Meanwhile, in Middlesbrough, a knife-wielding robber in a newsagent’s was foiled when the couple who own the shop fought back using a stepladder and chilli powder!  The robber managed to grab the till and made his getaway on a pushbike (we know, you can’t make this stuff up) but was followed by the shopkeeper who grabbed the back wheel and threw an advertising sign at him, causing him to drop the till before absconding.  The would-be thief was later arrested, still covered in chilli powder!  

Footage has emerged of a light aircraft making an emergency landing on Jacob’s Ladder beach in Sidmouth after an engine failed.  The video was captured by a local photographer who was kayaking with his family nearby.

In another beach-related story, beach hut owners at Milford-on-Sea are experiencing difficulties accessing their beach huts after high tides washed away a shingle bank, leaving an almost vertical drop outside the huts’ doors.  Owners now need to use a ladder to access the huts and are calling on the local authority to the beach to be topped with stones and pebbles to rectify the situation.

For those who were thrilled by the Royal Wedding on May 19th, you’ll be amused to hear that Prince William played a cheeky prank on his younger brother on his wedding night.  It’s been reported that as Prince Harry and his bride, Meghan, left the evening party given by Prince Charles at Windsor’s Frogmore House, a ladder tied on to the car clattered behind the happy couple.  Those in the know claim that William used a ladder, rather than the usual tin cans, in order to poke fun at Harry who recently fell from a ladder whilst changing a light bulb!