Safety Ladders News Roundup – March, 2019

Safety Ladders News Roundup – March, 2019

01st April 2019

Ladder safety is an issue that causes concern on a regular basis here in Britain.  Here at Safety Fabrications we are dedicated to supplying our customers with the most effective access equipment possible – with safety when working at height our main concern.  In order to make sure our readers are fully up to date with developments in the construction industry, particularly developments that involve ladders, every month we gather relevant news items into a news roundup with all the information in one handy place.  It would be interesting to know what you, the readers, think of the stories that feature here.  Please join in by adding your comments on our Facebook Page or by tweeting to us on Twitter.

Our first news item is good news for operators of Readymix concrete mixers.  Hymax has redesigned its vehicles to eliminate the need for drivers to work at height, so reducing the risk of falls, slips and trips.  The removal of the ladder and platform on trucks was accomplished by adding a drop-down hopper and auto wash system which enables the operator to clean the blades without needing a traditional ladder platform.

Carmarthen Football Club’s captain, Paul Rees died tragically and suddenly after injuring himself whilst using a loft ladder.  Paul somehow “twisted himself”, resulting in pain whilst moving the loft ladder which led to a hospital visit.  He was later discharged with painkillers, but rushed back to hospital with severe pain two days later and died.  The cause of death has yet to be confirmed and the young footballer leaves behind two small children.

In another football-related news story, Argentine-born Luis Acuna, midfielder for Deportivo Carcha, scored a penalty goal in the 80th minute of a second division match against Deportivo Jocotan in Guatemala.  He celebrated by climbing a ladder to change the scoreboard to 1-0 (the final score) which resulted in him being booked by the referee.

Meanwhile some security camera footage has been released of two men who appear to be intent on checking a garage roof for leaks.  The video shows the man placing a ladder against the front of the garage and climbing to the top, whereupon the ladder slips under his weight.  He grabs for the garage roof to save himself, but misses and has a lucky landing with both feet safely on the ground.  If nothing else, this serves as a clear demonstration of how important it is to ensure that the feet of a ladder rest securely on the ground on a NON-SLIP surface!  The ladder feet were resting on a slippery tiled floor.

And finally, Scottish Southern Electricity (SSE) has closed the salmon observation chamber at Pitlochry Dam Visitor Centre due to safety concerns.  The salmon ladder’s viewing chamber does not meet the energy company’s stringent safety rules, so the popular viewing point has been permanently closed.  However, new viewing arrangements will be created as the fish ladder observation has been such a popular attraction with both locals and tourists alike.