Safety Ladders News Roundup - March 2016

Safety Ladders News Roundup - March 2016

06th April 2016

Ladder safety is regularly in the news here in the UK so at Safety Fabrications we keep fully up to date with what’s going on in the world of ladders so that we can provide our readers with a regular news roundup blog for safety ladders.  Once a month, one of our blog posts deals with news stories from the past month that feature ladders of any kind.  It would be interesting to know what you, the readers, think of the stories that feature here.  Please join in by adding your comments below the regular news roundup postings.

Firefighters in Hounslow last week battled appalling weather conditions as they rescued 13 people (including 5 children) from flats above a restaurant that had caught fire.  IN all, 72 firefighters were in attendance and fire crews used ladders to rescue a group who’d fled to the second floor roof.  There were no serious injuries and the cause of the fire is being investigated.

Firefighters in Sale had to use 9 metre ladders and line equipment in a dramatic rescue when a man fell down a muddy trench on a building site.  The man (believed to be in his thirties) was eventually winched to safety and treated by an ambulance crew that was called to the scene.

Another team of firefighters were called on to rescue a man and a woman from the River Calder in Wakefield.  The woman was in difficulties and was spotted by a passing man who attempted a rescue – he managed to keep her above water until fire crews arrived and used a ladder to get the pair out of the water.

Meanwhile, firefighters in Stockport were called out after a dog owner got stuck in mud as she tried to retrieve her two dogs from boggy ground.  The rescue crew had to dig the mud with shovels before rescuing the lady and her two dogs by bridging the mud with a ladder.

The Hull Daily Mail published a list of Hull’s 10 Most Dangerous Jobs and Librarian came in at number 4!  Apparently, in 2014 there were 46 injuries and one fatality amongst library staff in the UK.  The risks involved include falling from ladders and books falling from shelves – this is more dangerous for passers-by than it is for the books, apparently.  Other dangerous occupations include feeding the sharks at the city’s aquarium, working on a lifeboat, repairing the Humber Bridge, cleaning Beverley Minster and bouncer,

An ex-Thames Valley Police Community Support Officer has founded OkOk, a charity which creates resources to teach children in schools about safety.  Tony Churchill and his wife Lynn set up the charity in 2013 and they’ve published a child’s guide to everyday dangers entitled “Watch Out!”  The couple visit schools aiming to provide simple advice in a fun and accessible way, covering subjects such as road safety, stranger danger, healthy lifestyles and how to keep safe in the home, in cars or on bicycles.

We’ll be bringing you more news on ladders and health and safety next month.  If you come across a story that you think we should feature, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email.