Safety Ladders News Roundup – December 2017

Safety Ladders News Roundup – December 2017

03rd January 2018

Ladder safety hits the headlines on a regular basis here in Britain so we offer our readers a regular news roundup blog for safety ladders.  Once a month, one of our blog posts features a range of news stories from the past month that deal with ladders of all types.  It would be interesting to know what you, the readers, think of the stories that feature here. 


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Our first item is the news that a five year old boy was rescued from more than 40ft up a tower block in Birmingham after falling from a fifth floor window.  The boy had a lucky escape as he got his head stuck between the glass and the brickwork which left him dangling precariously by his ear!  Firefighters rushed to the rescue watched by horrified onlookers in an incident described by a senior firefighter as the “scariest” in his 30 year career.  While the ladder being used for the rescue was not quite tall enough, the fire crew pitched it against the wall at an angle beyond normal safety limits to rescue the lad.

Sadly, an elderly Canadian man in Burlington, Ontario died after falling from a ladder while inspecting his Christmas lights.  Doug Musson, 82, was famous for his Christmas light displays which attracted neighbours and locals to wonder at the grandiose displays on his home.  Mr. Musson was rushed to hospital after the fall, but pronounced dead later the same day.  Every year in the run up to Christmas here at Safety Fabrications we publish an article warning homeowners to be especially vigilant when setting up their Christmas light displays.

It seems that this Christmas has sparked a new trend in Christmas trees – people have taken to decorating a humble step-ladder in a bid to have the quirkiest and most unusual tree.  According the Ideal Home magazine social media platforms were abuzz with inspirational Christmas tree ideas and a step-ladder has been the most popular this year!  As long as you have an old step-ladder, some fairy lights and a bag of baubles, you too can enjoy a Christmas tree with a difference.

Meanwhile, Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue are now the proud owners of the tallest aerial ladder platform (ALP) in Britain.  At 45 metres tall it was built to the specifications of the firefighters who will operate it.  The platform is strong enough to carry more weight than the old model which will allow more firefighters on it, making it easier to rescue casualties.  The ladder is a big step up in Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue’s ability to keep both firefighters and the public safe and is designed to be used reach over the tops of relatively low buildings to get access to fires in roofs, within collapsed buildings and at the back of buildings.