Safety Ladders News Roundup – December, 2015

Safety Ladders News Roundup – December, 2015

31st December 2015

We’ve reached the end of another month and another year here in the UK’s construction sector and, as usual at the end of the month we’re taking a look back at all the times ladders and health and safety issues have hit the headlines over the past few weeks.  .  It would be interesting to know what you, the readers, think of the stories that feature here.  Please join in by emailing us or adding your comments below the regular news roundup postings.

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority has sanctioned Aero Contractors Airlines for a breach of safety regulations after it was disclosed that a ladder was used to disembark passengers from an aircraft at Bauchi Airport.  After the Boeing 737-500 landed at the airport, it was discovered that the air stairs normally used for disembarkation were faulty and a normal builder’s ladder was appropriated for the job instead.  Although the incident did not result in a mishap, a YouTube video of the incident has gone viral.

A contractor has been prosecuted after a worker suffered a fatal injury when he fell from a fixed loft ladder.  Winchester Magistrates heard that the ladder had been incorrectly installed in a private residence which led to David Wood, aged 62 falling when he was inspecting the boiler in the loft.  The ceiling was of a non-standard height and incompatible with both 2 and 3 section extendable ladders.  However the ladder had been installed by a contractor who did not speak or read English and was not conversant with current British Health and Safety standards.

A construction company director has been fined for safety breaches after a worker fell from a ladder and suffered life changing injuries whilst replacing guttering on a two storey block of flats in Havant, Hants.  This incident stresses just how important it is to use the correct tools for the job at hand – in this instance, use of a tower scaffold or MEWP would have been more appropriate and is likely to have avoided the risk of falling from height.  The company director in questions was fined a total of £5,000 and ordered to pay more than £5,000 in costs – he was also given a six month custodial sentence suspended for 12 months.

A leading Church of England vicar has accused the European Union of taking “Christ out of Christmas” following the launch of an advent calendar featuring Brussels health and safety rules!  Eurocrats counted down the days until Christmas with EU health and safety recommendations including the rules on how mince pies are labelled.  Nicky Gumbel, the founder of the Alpha course and vicar at Holy Trinity Brompton, mocked the digital calendar saying that it was part of a trend of ignoring the true meaning of Christmas. 

Meanwhile, health and safety comes under fire again after Birmingham City Council refused to grant a licence for a schoolboy to appear on Chris Evans’ TFI Friday.  Daniel Teplitski, aged 11, was invited onto the show to display his iron ball juggling talent but the Council but the blocks on the event due to health and safety fears.  Daniel, from Quinton, is descended from a family that performed with the Moscow State Circus and was eager to show off his talents on British TV.