Safety Ladders News Roundup – August 2016

Safety Ladders News Roundup – August 2016

02nd September 2016

Ladder safety is regularly in the news here in the UK so at Safety Fabrications we keep fully up to date with what’s going on in the world of ladders so that we can provide our readers with a regular news roundup blog for safety ladders.  Once a month, one of our blog posts deals with news stories from the past month that feature ladders of any kind.  It would be interesting to know what you, the readers, think of the stories that feature here.  Please join in by adding your comments below the regular news roundup postings.

Firstly a Sussex malting company was fined when an agency workers was injured after falling 2 metres from a ladder, fracturing his right foot, bruising his chest and injuring his head.  An investigation carried out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) discovered that the company did not carry out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment of the work at height which involved closing the zipped flaps on fabric liners used to line containers loaded with malt for export.   The system of work developed involved propping a 4 metre ladder against the rear of the container to gain access to the zip up flap and because the ladder was too long for the job at hand, it was propped at an angle that was too shallow.

When a fire broke out in a block of flats at Palmers Green recently, a quick thinking and heroic passer by grabbed a nearby builders’ ladder to rescue a woman and child who were trapped inside before emergency services had a chance to arrive!  When firefighters arrived at the scene, they rescued another man from the third floor.

Last year we brought you news of a dangerous new craze sweeping the world – youngsters scaling dizzying heights in order to take the ultimate selfie.  We recently came acr5oss a story about two young Romanian men who performed circus style tricks after gaining access to an abandoned construction.  Flaviu Cernescu and Nikolai Ismail climbed 840 feet to the top of Romania’s Targu Jiu chimney without any safety equipment and proceeded to perform a series of terrifying stunts including unicycling round the rim of the chimney, hanging one leg off the edge, walking across the chimney using pieces of steel laid across the circumference and even juggling three oranges while doing so!  As you can see in the video, not only does the chimney very tall (visible on satellite pictures) but it’s in a sorry state of repair with loose brickwork around the rim which added to the risks taken.

Meanwhile, Derby Magistrates’ court fined a Bulgarian company £500,000 for height safety breaches after a member of the public reported work at height being carried out form a pallet on the forks of a telehandler.  The company was installing a high ropes adventure course but came a cropper after pleading guilty to breaching Regulation 4(1) of the Work at Height Regulations 2005.  We’re pretty sure this one will become a favourite contender in due course for the Idiots on Ladders competition.