05th May 2016

Ladder safety is regularly in the news here in the UK so at Safety Fabrications we keep fully up to date with what’s going on in the world of ladders so that we can provide our readers with a regular news roundup blog for safety ladders.  Once a month, one of our blog posts deals with news stories from the past month that feature ladders of any kind.  It would be interesting to know what you, the readers, think of the stories that feature here.  Please join in by adding your comments below the regular news roundup postings.

First up, Portsmouth fire fighters in full breathing apparatus carried a giant ladder through the streets of the town to raise money for the Firefighters Charity and Football for Cancer.  As the 30 fire fighters trooped through Portsmouth toting the massive 10.5 metre ladder, crowds cheered, donating funds to the cause.

In an amusing incident, police in Belfast are denying that they helped to put up the Irish Tricolour flag for a West Belfast parade.   The hapless coppers were only doing their duty which is to protect and serve the public.  The police force involved in policing duties during the commemoration of the Easter Rising noticed a man using a ladder to erect the flag during very windy condition.  A police officer who noticed the ladder being used in an unsafe manner stepped up and supported the ladder for health and safety reasons to ensure the ladder user did not suffer an accident.

Meanwhile, it’s lights out in Macclesfield, where the candles will no longer be shining brightly in St Michael’s church due to health and safety regulations.  Chorister, David Smith (who is sixty years old) has been lighting the chandelier candles at his local church for the past twenty years.  In order to do this, David has been climbing a 20ft ladder to reach the 90 candles featured in the two Jacobean and Victorian brass chandeliers.  However, the church’s £11,000 per year Ecclesiastical insurance policy states that nobody is allowed to climb higher than 9ft in the church, meaning that there’s no way to safely access the candles.  The congregation has now launched an appeal to raise the £7,000 necessary to install a pulley system that would lower the chandeliers enabling the candles to be lit again.

If you’re in the health and safety industry and on the lookout for a new job – why not work for the Queen?  News reports reveal that Buckingham Palace is on the lookout for a new health and safety advisor.  The role will involve workplace inspections and risk assessments and require the successful candidate to make recommendations to alleviate risk with relevant and up to date policy advice.

Across the Pond, fire fighters in Denver had to use a 105 ft. ladder platform to rescue two window cleaners from a collapsed suspended platform 30 metres high when one of the cables gave way and dropped one end of the platform.  Both window cleaners were wearing harnesses and the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the incident.