Safety Fabrications Does Social Media

Safety Fabrications Does Social Media

01st February 2015

Here at Safety Fabrications we scour the internet on a regular basis in order to bring to our readers the most up to date and relevant news on all types of ladders and safety equipment.  We know that working at height is a risky business and we want to provide our audience with as much information as possible so that they can make sensible and informed decisions on their safety at work on a daily basis.   Today we bring you a list of links to mentions online of our company and our equipment, whether its news articles, blog posts, tweets or videos, read on for a comprehensive list of resources where you can take a look at some of the equipment we provide to our customers.

Vimeo – take a look at the “invisible” ladder that we supplied to be installed on the roof of the world famous Turner Gallery.

Flickr – some great photos here, not only showcasing our products, but there’s a fab photo of the rising sun.

Pinterest is a great platform for images, so if you tend to relate to pictures rather than words, take a look at our boards on Pinterest.  We also post photos onto Tumblr, the popular online image sharing platform – why not add some of your own?

About Me is a platform that can be used to make a one page website all about you and your interests.  Needless to say, Safety Fabrications has been joining in with our very own About Me page.

APSense is a business social network where people can connect to share their business via networking, exploring and creating quality business content.  It’s possible to build your own private social network, inviting your friends and colleagues who will automatically be placed in your network.  With so many business people on APSense it’s possible to build a great list of contacts that have the same interests as you do.  Check out our APSense profile here and connect with us on this powerful social business platform.

Like just about everybody else in the Western world, we have a Facebook presence – that’s in the shape of a Facebook page where we post news, photos and updates on a regular basis.  If you’re on Facebook too, why not pop over and “like” our page – you’ll get all the latest updates we post which will keep you up to date on what’s going on here at Safety Fabrications.

For those who don’t “do” Facebook, we also have a presence on LinkedIn, the world’s most populate networking site for professionals from all industries and from every part of the world.  LinkedIn is a great place to network, meeting others in the same line of business and participating in discussions, joining groups, posting news, jobs and other opportunities.

If you tweet or you’re on Twitter at all, why not start following us there – Twitter seems to be one of the most useful platforms for following news and views in real time, with rapidly changing trending topics and plenty of new tweets going past at a rate of knots.