Safety Fabrications’ Companionway Ladders: The Best in the UK

Safety Fabrications’ Companionway Ladders: The Best in the UK

22nd August 2019

Working at a raised area requires proper safety measures complying with all Work at Height Directives, to be undertaken at all times. Companionway ladders have been one of the most preferred ladders for access in raised and tight access situations.

Also known as ‘ship ladders’, companionway ladders are alternative access ladders when there’s little space for the installation of a staircase or when vertical ladders seem unsuitable. If you’re operating a storage facility or a warehouse and need to use a ladder more frequently, you may consider installing companionway ladders to provide permanent and safe access to raised floors or roof areas within the workplace.

But how are Safety Fabrication’s companionway ladders designed and fabricated to fulfil their role, and what makes them the best across the UK? Please continue reading for full details.

Why Ascent™ Companionway Ladders are the Best

We take your safety as our utmost priority. And this is always put into consideration when designing and fabricating our products. All our fall protection systems, including companionway ladders, are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest British Standards and CE accredited fabrications. 

The material of construction is an essential factor. Use of incorrect materials jeopardises your safety and that of those around you. We use aluminum and galvanised mild steel to make the ladders, as recommended in BS EN 4211:2005 and A1:2008.  

These ladders are a perfect choice for a significant range of applications due to their design angles between 600 and 750. This sloped, inclined design is essential for providing access to different site situations and at the same time maintaining their required flexibility. Should it be necessary to apply floor- or roof- mounting during installation, our product comes with proper adjustable free-standing feet or fixing bracket kits for convenience.

Plus, you won’t need specialist training or equipment to install the ladders – installation is as easy as one-two-three. Better yet, you may choose to have the ladder(s) supplied with self-closing gates, especially if you’ll be working in potentially hazardous areas.

What about the portability of our companionway ladders, perhaps considering the metallic material used? Well, this fall protection system is lightweight enough to be carried easily from one point to another. This, coupled with the possibility of integrating the system into guardrail edge protection makes it suitable for use both indoors and outdoors for a minimum rise of 3m. 

We understand that different structures – industries, institutions, utilities, hotels, offices and residential buildings – have different needs when it comes to work at heights. Our dedicated design team is there to ensure that you get a professionally customised product in terms of specification and fabrication, that best suits your needs.

All you need do is get in touch with Safety Fabrications and our work at height specialists will help you to explore the best solution for your needs, and, most importantly, ensure everything is done right the first time; you and everyone else will then enjoy safe and secure access to raised surfaces!