Safety Fabrications and Re:heat - Collaboration for a Cleaner, Greener Future

Safety Fabrications and Re:heat - Collaboration for a Cleaner, Greener Future

14th February 2018

CE Marked Fabrications

Here at Safety Fabrications we pride ourselves on the fact that no job is too big and no job is too small.  No job is too high for us either, as is demonstrated by the fact that we supplied the highest fall protection posts in the UK at Hafod Eryri, the Snowdon Mountain Café in Wales which was reopened in June 2009 after a complete rebuild.  Over the coming few months we’re going to take a closer look at some of the projects that Safety Fabrications has provided access solutions for to show our readers what we’re capable of.  While we’re always thrilled to be involved with ground-breaking construction projects, we also would like to stress that our products are the best choice for smaller construction projects too – all of our customers are treated with equal importance, from the large household name clients to the sole trader construction companies on which the UK economy depends.


One of the jobs that has been close to home here in the UK is the solution we provided for Re:heat, a Northumberland based company that specialises in the design, installation and operation of biomass energy systems.  Biomass is the industry term for obtaining energy by burning wood and other organic matter, something we’ve been doing since mankind lived in caves.  However, biomass is now fit for the 20th Century – despite the fact that burning biomass releases carbon emissions, it’s classed as a renewable energy because plant stocks can be replaced with new growth (unlike oil which takes millions of years to form).  In fact, biomass has become popular in coal power stations which switch to biomass to convert to renewable energy generation without having to waste the existing generating plant and infrastructure.Step Unit

Re:heat is a progressive wood-energy company with experience in the growing and processing of wood fuel right through to the specification, installation and operation of wood-fired boilers.  Re:heat works with clients across the UK and offers consultancy services in Europe and the rest of the world.  Re:heat is committed to providing a diverse range of products and services, specialising in specifying, designing and installing wood-fired boilers of all sizes, rolling out its services through a network of experienced heating engineers who are dedicated to playing their part in the Renewable Heat Incentive introduced in November 2011 to replace the Low Carbon Building Programme.

Re:heat reached out to Safety Fabrications in order to fulfil the requirements of Sheffield University’s fuel store for their new Gilles biomass test boiler.  The boiler and the fuel store are both located at Sheffield University’s Low Carbon Combustion Centre (LCC, an initiative that provides Europe’s leading facility for novel combustion and low carbon technology.  LCC provides industry with expert Safety ladders	research into fuel, energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions, conducting research into alternative fuels for several industries, including aviation, power generation and processing. 

Here at Safety Fabrications, we designed, manufactured and supplied a bespoke fuel store for the woodchip for a biomass boiler.  The store has a large spinning arm at the bottom which keeps the wood turning and pulls it across to the next unit which powers the boiler.  The panels of the store are 3mm Plate with a narrower top section of 1.5mm – it features a viewing hole and CSK bolts on the door.

Here at Safety Fabrications, we welcome this opportunity to be involved with those who are researching innovative new ways of providing energy for a cleaner, greener future.  Why not follow Re:heat on Twitter to find out more about biomass fuels?