Safety Boots - A Step in the Right Direction

Safety Boots - A Step in the Right Direction

15th April 2015

We’ve all heard cases about health and safety “gone mad” as it’s a phrase that seems to be in the news here in the UK on a regular basis.  We’ve all seen stories about conkers being banned, flowers being removed from town centres, etc.  In fact, the issue of health and safety gone mad has proved so popular that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has got in on the act with a dedicated Myth Busters Challenge Panel who consider cases sent in by the public to determine whether or not the case is disproportionate or inadequate.  We’ve already covered the subject of health and safety myths in our blog reports in June and December last year, but we’ve recently come across a great story that we couldn’t resist sharing with you.

On Easter Sunday, the Reverend Andrew Dotchin had conducted several church services on one of his busiest days of the year.  While wending his weary way home from work, 59 year old Rev. Dotchin decided to call at The Wine Bar in Ipswich town centre for a little “pick me up” to round off the day.  However, doormen at the drinking establishment turned him away for wearing sandals.  This was not some sort of anti-religious campaign (Jesus is famed for being a sandal wearer, remember) – the reason given was health and safety.  The bar manager explained that somebody may drop a glass on the Vicar’s foot, going on to elucidate that the bar is a “glass-led venue”.  The vicar moved on to another establishment which allowed him to partake of a pint at a rival hostelry. 

While this story may appear ridiculous, we’d like to use it as an opportunity of focussing on the importance of wearing the correct safe footwear on the construction site.  Here at Safety Fabrications we can’t stress often enough the importance of wearing robust safety boots when working on site.  If you work in a specific sector of the industry you’ll need to buy the appropriate boots to meet the requirements of your particular type of workplace while if you work on a range of different types of sites then you’ll probably need at least two pairs of safety boots. 

Many ageing construction workers suffer with problems in their feet and legs in later life, often wearing the wrong type or badly fitting safety boots is a contributory factor.  You really can’t cut corners when it comes to your feet – you need them to work for you for the rest of your life – they are your most basic way of getting about!  The wrong type of footwear can leave you at risk of a foot injury in the construction business and steel toe-caps are the most basic safety feature that you won’t be able to do without.  Investing in your footwear means investing in your feet and so, investing in your future.