Risking the Rooftops with Night Scape

Risking the Rooftops with Night Scape

02nd March 2017

Never mind the annual Idiots on Ladders Competition brought to us here in the UK by the Ladder Association, here at Safety Fabrications we’ve come across another case of teenagers performing some risky stunts.  There’s been a trend in recent years which has seen young people scaling some of the most dangerous structures on the planet in order to take a sky-high selfie!  We’ve already reported on this trend in the past and it’s a development that we’ve been keeping an eye on – after all, working at height is a really dangerous business, but playing at height has the potential to lead to a real disaster for some of these youngsters!

Harry Gallagher is a 19 year old from East London who’s been causing high levels of consternation with his escapades of derring-do.  Harry is a member of an elite group called Night Scape, a group of self-styled “rooftoppers” who seem addicted to heights and danger.  Harry and his gang have been arrested on several occasions here in the UK for trespassing on rooftops across the land.  Harry has been caught breaking into Robin Hood Airport in Doncaster, climbing various cranes and buildings in the capital city and even trespassing on the roof of West Ham’s Olympic Stadium. 

Harry’s latest venture involved climbing 800 ft. to the top of One Canada Square in Canary Wharf, London’s third tallest skyscraper.  These daring feats are filmed for posterity and then uploaded to Night Scape’s YouTube channel for all to see. 

Night Scape’s YouTube channel has over half a million subscribers, a captive audience of followers and the group has come up with a method of profiting from their escapades by selling merchandise on their website.  Avid admirers of the group can buy hoodies, t-shirts, and stickers featuring the group’s logo or, for a mere fifteen quid, you can purchase a poster print of some of the images taken by the group, featuring themselves scaling the dizzy heights of buildings or featuring the stunning views from these lofty perches.  It seems like the group has come up with an effective method of monetizing their madness!

As you can imagine, Harry’s mother is less than impressed by his exploits, saying that “Nobody wants their child risking life and limb”.  There’s also the worrying fact that Harry gets arrested for his exploits on a regular basis and the Metropolitan Police are currently investigating footage of the teenager and a friend sneaking past the London landmark’s security then climbing onto the Canary Wharf building’s pyramid shaped roof. 

In the wake of all this attention, Harry revealed that he recently flew to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in order to climb skyscrapers there.  The video footage of these Middle Eastern episodes has not been uploaded to YouTube yet, but it’s only a matter of time before the footage is available for all to see. 

Here at Safety Fabrications we know just how dangerous working at height can be so climbing tall structures in this way is an activity that we cannot condone.  However, we will be keeping an eye on Harry Gallagher and other youngsters who are addicted to this type of activity and bring you more of their crazy exploits in the future.