Repurposing Old Ladders – Chic Ideas

Repurposing Old Ladders – Chic Ideas

07th January 2014

The ladder is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment invented by mankind.  Traditionally, ladders come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on their purpose.  Until recent years, ladders were made from wood which would deteriorate over time.  In times gone by, ladders were often repaired with new rungs or stiles.  However, current health and safety legislation deems that a ladder with a defect should be replaced, rather than repaired.  This leaves us with the need to think up some inventive ways of using a defunct ladder and you can be sure that people all over the world are doing some amazing things with old ladders.

One of the simplest ideas for recycling an old wooden ladder is to prop it against the bathroom wall and use it as a towel rail.  This can be a great idea, whatever the style of your bathroom – hang a basket from one of the rungs and it’s an even more versatile storage solution.  If you’ve gone for the rustic look, then just use the ladder as it is (you may even want to distress it a bit to make it fit in a little better).  If your bathroom has more of a modern look, then give the ladder a good coat of paint in a matching (or contrasting) colour and your new towel rail is ready to use.  A ladder propped against the wall in the bedroom becomes a smart way of storing high heel shoes – just hook the heels over the rungs and your shoes will all be neatly stored in one place (instead of cluttering up the bottom of the wardrobe).

Another great way of reusing a straight ladder is to fix it horizontally on the wall for a smart set of shelves.  Again, you can prop books, plant pots or ornaments on the bottom stile to display your stuff in a really unusual way.

Old stepladders really come into their own as storage shelves.  One step ladder can be opened up and the steps used as shelving for books, plants, bric a brac, etc.  Again, leave it unpainted for a country look or cover with a coat of paint that matches your décor.  If you really want to go to town on this one, then take a look at the picture on the right hand side – this is a really clever use of two step ladders (upside down) and some wooden boards – designer shelving designed by you!

Old step ladders make a brilliant garden feature – you can fill the steps with plants in pots.  Choose climbers and trailers and let them grow riotously around the stiles for a smart way of showing off your prized plants.  In the summer it should be spilling over with flowers and foliage and it will be the envy of your neighbours.

Kitchen step stools (the small ones that short people use to reach the highest cupboards in the house) can be repurposed to become small side/end tables or bedside tables.  They’re just the right height and this is a great way of prolonging their lives once they can no longer bear weight.  The step stool should still be strong enough to hold a bedside lamp, a glass of water, a couple of books and an alarm clock.

Doing a quick Google search on repurposing ladders will present you with a plethora of ideas for chic ways of decorating using old ladders.  In fact, there are so many cool things to do with old ladders that you’ll be searching the local skips for ladders.