Questions on the Use of Steel and Other Powerful Metals in Superhero Stories

Questions on the Use of Steel and Other Powerful Metals in Superhero Stories

12th February 2020

Since superheroes are larger than life characters with amazing abilities and unbelievable weapons, it is no surprise that writers have turned to steel in many stories. How have they added this metal to their characters, and what other types of metal have they included?

Why Is Superman Called the Man of Steel?

Superman doesn’t use any steel weapons and he certainly isn’t made out of this material. So where did the nickname Man of Steel come from? One of the latest films about him was even given this name to make it stand out from the rest of the movies about him.

It seems that it is simply a way of describing him as incredibly tough and almost invincible, with bullets and punches just bouncing off him. He was first called by this name at the end of the 1930s, when steel was regarded as being the toughest and most resistant material around. 

What Is Thor’s Hammer Made of?

Mjolnir is the name of the mythical hammer that only Thor can lift. It is said to have been made of a fictional metal called Uru and was made by Dwarven blacksmiths.   

This hammer has special properties such as returning to where it was thrown from on its own and going straight to Thor when he summons it. The reason given for no-one but Thor being able to use it is that the hammer increases its gravitons when someone who is unworthy attempts to lift it. 

How Did Girder Get to Be So Strong?

The Flash TV series features a supervillain known as Girder. His real name is Tony Woodward so how did he become so strong? It turns out that Tony worked in an iron-producing factory and got laid off.

He then got into an argument with a manager and ended up falling into a vat of molten steel just as the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator blew up. This gave him astonishing strength and the ability to transform any part of his body into steel whenever he wants to.    

What Is Captain America’s Shield Made Of?

The iconic shield used by Captain America is indestructible, but what material is it made of? According to the comic books, it is made from a fictional material that is called vibranium, mixed with steel. This isn’t the type of steel you see in CE accredited fabrications, however.

It is an incredibly strong metal that only occurs in Wakanda, which is an African nation ruled by the Black Panther. A scientist attempted to make an alloy of steel and vibranium but was unsuccessful. He was then amazed to see that they had bonded on their own somehow.

What Type of Metal Does Colossus Turn Into?

Colossus is a mutant who forms part of the X-Men team. His power comes from the way that he can turn himself into something that is described as “organic steel”.

He becomes bigger and heavier when this transformation takes place, with superhuman strength and stamina too. Colossus also matches steel’s resistance to extreme temperatures without suffering any harm.