Putting the Kettle on for Construction Industry Workers

Putting the Kettle on for Construction Industry Workers

31st October 2017

If you work in the construction industry and are always ready for a good old cuppa tea, then you’re not alone – in fact, you’re in really good company according to a survey of UK construction sector workers recently carried out by leading household appliances retailer, AppliancesDirect.  The survey was carried out in a bid to gain insight into the construction industry’s eating and drinking habits and found that workers in our sector spend an average of 130 hours each year on their tea breaks which is 20 hour more than the average British worker!  What’s more, it also came to light that most construction workers (a massive 82%, in fact) believe that regular tea breaks make them more productive.

When it comes to the right amount of time for a tea break, those questioned reckoned that a mere six minutes is enough, but that tea breaks should occur five times a day outside of the lunch hour – this adds up to a thirty minute tea break each day.  This is revealing some interesting facts about the UK’s workplace break habits, especially when it comes to construction industry workers.  Taking regular short breaks of this type is likely to increase productivity as getting away from the workstation  for a few minutes at regular intervals throughout the day allows workers to stretch their legs a little and gather their thoughts before returning back to work feeling refreshed after a cuppa.

We’re all aware that coffee drinking has increased in the UK in recent years with the slow creep of coffee bars in all our towns and cities offering all the latest types of coffee available.  There seems to be a myriad of coffees on offer, due to the popularity of designer coffees and the ubiquitous pod machines that not only grace our coffee shops, but our homes as well.  Gone are the days of a spoonful of instant coffee topped up with boiling water – nowadays you get to choose from lattes, cappuccinos, expresso, macchiato, mocha, Americano, etc. – the choice is pretty mind-boggling.  In fact, coffee has turned into a bit of an art form with sprinkles of chocolate, cinnamon, etc. and baristas excel at adding a little foam picture on top to delight customers!

However, the great British cuppa has nothing to fear from the increase in coffee drinking as most of those surveyed claim that a cup of tea is their hot drink of choice during their break.  Coffee came in second with 38% claiming that they’d rather have a cup of caffeine.  When it comes to caffeine content, you’ve probably heard claims that tea also contains caffeine and is just as likely to keep you awake at night.  However, according to the Guardian, two cups of tea contain the same amount of caffeine as just one cup of coffee.  Surprisingly, despite the recent bad press attracted by the popular energy drinks, the brand that “gives you wings” doesn’t contain as much coffee as a cup of coffee does. 

So, put the kettle on and make yourself a nice cup of tea – it’s a great way of topping up with fluid and warding off dehydration.