Platform Steps for Garden Use

Platform Steps for Garden Use

05th July 2016

Any keen gardener is likely to need to gain access to high points at some stage or another.  Whether it’s for trimming tall hedges, general pruning of trees and climbers or fruit picking, you’ll need some sort of access equipment that will help you to reach.  Traditionally, gardeners have used ladders for jobs that involve working at height – they’re easy to store and easy to move from place to place.  However, most falls from height that occur in a domestic setting involve the use of a ladder.  You may be surprised to learn that around 48,000 people a year at treated at hospital Accident and Emergency Units following a ladder accident on domestic, rather than commercial premises.  This means that ladders represent a risky option when it comes to carrying out work at height in the garden.

Nowadays, some of the more savvy gardeners who need to work at height are opting to buy a step platform to carry out the work instead of a ladder.  There are several advantages to making this choice.  A step platform provides you with all the benefits of a ladder and then some.  There are several safety features that will take away some of the risks of working at height, especially if you have to do so for long periods of time or you need extra support and stability.

While you’re likely to feel safer on a step platform than on a ladder, you’ll still need to plan the work carefully and make sure that you don’t take any unnecessary risks before starting any job.  Before each use, you should inspect the platform for any damage or deterioration, just as you would if you were using a ladder.  It’s also important to ensure that the step platform is resting on firm, level ground and has anti-slip feet.  The step platform should be of an appropriate height for you to carry out the work at hand without having to stretch or over-reach.

Wear proper footwear to decrease the possibility of a slip, trip or fall and keep the access steps clean and dry, removing any prunings from the steps as you work.

One of the major benefits of using a step platform is that you’ll have both hands free to work with which will make the jobs you do both easier and quicker to finish.  The generous space on a platform (as compared with a ladder) means that you can work comfortably for protracted periods of time without strain.  Some platforms are fitted with guardrails, an extra level of safety and support – a guardrail will actually prevent you from leaning out beyond a certain point which helps to minimise the risk of a fall.

Step platforms come in many shapes and sizes, some of which are adjustable which offers extra versatility and means the platform can be used for a range of different garden jobs.  Before buying, do a little online research and consider the tasks that you would be using the equipment for so that you can choose the right step platform to suit your needs.