Plant Platform Solutions – Individually Tailored to Requirements

Plant Platform Solutions – Individually Tailored to Requirements

22nd February 2021

The construction industry brings to mind building – the building of homes, businesses, public amenities, etc., that are necessary in today’s modern world. Construction typically involves putting together a building for a specific use – such as a home, office building, factory, local authority offices, etc. However, construction involves so many other activities in so many differing situations. When it comes to access platforms, we typically think of platforms on scaffolding – allowing workers to reach the parts of a building or construction that present a challenge. Whilst this is true, there are other types of plant platform – often a bespoke solution for reaching a specific part of a building or large piece of machinery.

Here at Safety Fabrications, we don’t just sell ladders to businesses – we offer bespoke solutions that are tailored to solve specific and individual access problems. When a ladder, scaffolding, MEWP (or any other type of access equipment) is not suited to the task at hand, we sprint to the rescue with a solution that’s specifically designed to meet the customer’s individual requirements.

With many years of experience in the access business, providing ladders and access equipment to a wide range of clients in all types of industries, we’ve developed the expertise and specialised knowledge necessary to offer our customers a bespoke solution to a wide range of challenges. We’ve provided an ingenious way to enable work at height on Heathrow’s Terminal 2 in the shape of an aluminium gantry, complete with guardrails that accesses the soffit area of the roof by running along a pair of rails!


We’ve provided maintenance workers who work on gas turbines in power stations with a rig that can be lifted in and out of power stations using a crane. This rig doesn’t just offer a pair of fall protection systems to keep workers safe, it also features power points for their tools and task lighting so they can see what they’re doing.

We’ve helped sweeten the lives of tanker drivers in the haulage industry – they no longer have to climb up onto the tanker to remove the lid and check contents before filling up. We provided davit arm structures featuring cable-based fall protection systems that are used in loading depots across the UK, making the job safer and simpler.

We’ve even supplied the Turner Gallery with an invisible ladder! No magic involved here – our client wanted a ladder that could not be seen when not in use, so you’re not likely to see workers climbing into thin air. The roof ladder lies flat on the roof when not in use and is erected in minutes using a winch system. When the inspection or job has been done, the ladder is simply lowered back down and tucked neatly out of sight of those below.

When it comes to plant platforms, we know that in order to ensure safety, you have to consider each individual situation and, where necessary, deliver a bespoke solution tailored to the individual needs of the task at hand.