Personal Protection Equipment Inspections are Vital for Safety

Personal Protection Equipment Inspections are Vital for Safety

22nd May 2019

Construction company employers are required by law to provide their employees with the personal protection equipment (PPE) necessary to ensure their safety whilst working on construction projects.  Most employers will have spent time considering which is the best type of PPE to provide for their employees, but should be aware that regular inspections and maintenance of PPE is required to ensure that it’s still fit for purpose.  This means scheduling regular reviews of the safety gear being used to ensure that workers are kept safe and that the employer is fully compliant with health and safety legislation at all times. 

Safety is always the first consideration on construction sites, and reviewing the type of equipment provided is a vital aspect of this as new innovations and improvements in technology are released to the market on a regular basis.  This means that new features that were not available as little as two years ago may now offer a better level of protection to workers on construction projects.  This means that the PPE being used on site may no longer be the most effective solution available, an important issue to consider, especially when workers face extreme hazards or conditions as these are the areas manufacturers tend to focus on when improving their PPE products. 

Regular PPE reviews may even help you in problem areas that you may not have noticed, especially if you’ve noticed that you’re issuing more reminders to workers than you used to.  If you haven’t reviewed your operations in a while, it could be the case that you’ve put in place:

  • New machinery or equipment that requires different types of protection
  • Items that increase the hazards present (for instance an increase in noise levels that require better hearing protection
  • New environments or job sites
  • New rules or guidelines
  • New techniques or materials that bring with them new hazards

Any of the above may means that the PPE that provided adequate protection before the changes is no longer adequate. 

It’s also vital to keep fully up to date with any changes in legislation or best practice so that you can make sure that the PPE you provide to workers remains fully compliant. 

Carrying out a full review of your PPE provision will not only ensure that your employees are provided with the best possible protection, you may also discover any areas that have developed since the PPE was originally purchased.  This is the best method of avoiding accidents and injuries in the workplace.  If you don’t have the time to carry out a review yourself, you may find that engaging the services of a safety expert who will perform a full safety assessment is the best way forward. 

Protecting your workers from hazards in the workplace is too important to leave to chance – maximise the safety or all of your workers by carrying out regular reviews of your PPE.