Pedal Power for Progress

Pedal Power for Progress

22nd May 2018

Here at Safety Fabrications we are well aware that as a local business in Sheffield, it’s vital to support local communities even though we are lucky enough to trade with customers from across the world.  Sheffield is our base and we’re committed to making sure that Sheffield is a great place to live, work and play.  So we were thrilled at the beginning of May to join some of our customers in a 100 mile bike ride to raise money for Endeavour, a local charity for whom we manufactured a cycle trailer a while back. 

CE Marked FabricationsEndeavour was established in 1955 by Dick Allcock OBE in order to shake up traditional youth work, using outdoor activities and new methods of personal challenge to motivate disadvantages and deprived youngsters.  Allcock was a passionate believer in the emotional, mental and spiritual benefits of living and working outdoors, inspired by his early years in agriculture and his later expeditions to different parts of the world.  He advocated the need to support these youngsters in order to enable them to meet their full potential and his principles and values still resonate deeply in the heart of the organisation today.

Endeavour has grown and developed to respond to the changing needs of young people as they face the challenges of living in a 21st Century society.  Today’s Endeavour operations focus strongly on literacy and academic development, though outdoor challenges are still a vital aspect of their work and activities.  Endeavour is committed to helping young people negotiate the digital world as well as the physical, focusing on helping those at risk of being excluded from education or without a mainstream education place, those at risk of offending, youngsters who have newly arrived in the country and young people with learning difficulties. 

Endeavour covers three main areas:

  • Personal Development – working to tackle issues head on and build confidence, self-esteem and the resilience necessary to take control of their future.  This is promoted through hill walking and canoeing, building shelters and campfire activities such as raising a tent, building a fire and cooking outdoors on residential weekends.  These activities will help youngsters to push their personal boundaries and develop the life and social skills necessary for success such as communication, leadership, teamwork and respect for others that will enhance their lives in the future.
  • Education – with an emphasis on providing the opportunities that will allow youngsters to gain the skills and qualifications they need to find employment.  The Endeavour Education Centre in Sheffield is designed to support students who have challenging behaviour or who have been excluded from the mainstream education system.  Endeavour also works with schools to encourage pupils who find formal school structures difficult and may be at risk of exclusion.  Students who are missing from education or newly arrived in the UK are supported through key stage 3 and key stage 4.
  • Social Action – to encourage youngsters to give back by experiencing what it means to be a good citizen and make a difference in the world around them through social actions.  Endeavour advocates the “Step up to Serve” definition of social action – practical action in the service of others to create positive change.

We’re pleased to report that the 100 mile cycle ride from Sheffield to Cleethorpes (through the beautiful lanes and quiet roads through East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire) raised £225 for Endeavour and we look forward to continuing to support this vital local organisation in the future.