New Safety and Health – What’s it all About?

New Safety and Health – What’s it all About?

20th June 2018

The Safety and Health Expo that took place from 19 – 21 June at London’s Excel introduces New Safety and Health, a campaign to rethink the role of the health and safety professional which aims to inspire the next generation, bring the community together and change the perceptions surrounding health and safety.  This has come about too address the image problems of health and safety, particularly the image fostered by negative mainstream press stories in recent years.  Changing the stigma within organisations is just as important as communicating the message itself.  Today we’re going to take a look at what this New Safety and Health is about.

New Safety and Health is:

  • Holistic – Caring for both the physical and mental health of employees.  At the Expo, industry leaders and experts share their personal stories on reducing stress, boosting resilience and how to manage psychological wellbeing for a positive business outcome.
  • Disruption – Taking on new approaches and technologies to keep people safe and provide more engaging training experiences.  Whether this is via virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), wearable technology or big data, these new technologies can all be used to improve health and safety.  A recent poll revealed that 45% of the British workforce would be willing to wear a device provided by their employer to detect signs of mental health issues, to assist with employee-related health and wellbeing strategies.
  • Innovation – Finding creative solutions to problems by harnessing the power of technology which uses cutting edge hard and software.  Identifying new technology and transforming it into tangible initiatives that demonstrate value.
  • Inclusions – Celebrating diversity of views and individuals.  Women in Health and Safety is a network of people who support gender equality and want to see women flourishing in the industry.  Get-togethers are free to join and men and women are actively encouraged to do so. 
  • Sustainability – Promoting environmentally responsible business values.  Part of developing its sustainability pillar, the new Safety and Health Hub Online will be dedicated to pulling together content for all issues pertaining to New Safety and Health.
  • Business Leadership – Driving cultural change from the shop floor to the boardroom.  Strong leadership means having good line managers and a good team – all living the values of the company.  It’s vital that team leaders are engaged in the strategy of the business and too support this, the Expo ran a Professional Development Theatre to support leaders and future leaders in the industry.  With seminars focusing on career development and qualifications, soft skills and behavioural safety and culture.  Behavioural safety has become a catch phrase in recent years – it is the concept of influencing and changing an individual’s behaviour to improve risk management and so reduce the number of accidents and incidents in the workplace. 

The health and safety landscape is constantly changing in response to accidents and incidents in workplaces across the UK.  Lessons are continuously being learned and the leaders in the health and safety industry use their knowledge and experience to promote best practice in order to ensure that workplaces in the UK, including in the British construction industry, present workers with as few risks as possible, making the UK a safer place to work.