A New Health & Safety App Will Help Businesses to Stay in Control

A New Health & Safety App Will Help Businesses to Stay in Control

29th April 2020

As many companies look for ways to get back to work with no risk, the health & safety tool market has come more into focus. A new app shows artificial intelligence can be used in this respect, while existing apps also provide a range of benefits.

Details of the New App

This AI-based employee health data management tool is called Klarity. It has been created by Delfin Health and DocHQ. The focus is largely on checking for Covid-19 cases, but that isn’t all that it offers.

It can be used in a number of ways by employers, as it allows them to predict, monitor and test the safety of their working environment. For a start, it includes the current guidance and data relating to all of the known, major chronic diseases.

Daily symptom checking and a proprietary testing process are included, while employees are encouraged to stay in control of their personal health data.

A personal risk assessment for each worker is carried out using AI to confirm their risk level. After that, regular symptom checking and surveillance should help to keep employees’ minds at ease.

Will Copper of Delfin Health called this a “fully managed Covid-19 solution” that can help employers to safely proceed with their strategies for returning to work. Each user obtains a health score, which they can share with others to prove their current status. It can be download from Google Play Store and the App Store.

Other Health Apps

This is far from being the only health & safety app around just now. In fact, there is an impressive array of them to choose from.

For example, Vault Notify is an app that lets you capture and record all of your health & safety matters. This includes hazards to be aware of and incidents that have already happened. You can take time-stamped photos of accidents and notify the rest of the team right away.

Another option is called the NIOSH Lift Calculator. In this case, the tool is used to help reduce the risks associated with lifting heavy loads. The user needs to type in the details of conditions, and the system will then advise of the recommended weight limit for the task.

In the same way, there are now apps for the likes of monitoring noise hazards and ensuring that workers carry out sufficient stretching exercises before lifting heavy loads. It is a good idea to look for the best apps for the type of work carried out in each specific company.

Of course, none of these apps are designed to replace the usual precautions that are taken in workplaces. These include the likes of always using a fixed access ladder, choosing the correct tools for every job and wearing the right safety gear.


The current focus on health & safety issues means that we are likely to hear a lot more about apps like these in the future. They can help us all to keep workplaces safer, provided that they are used correctly and complement existing measures rather than replacing them.