New Health & Safety App Launched for Migrant Workers

New Health & Safety App Launched for Migrant Workers

27th January 2021

Communication issues can be a major factor in accidents at work, which means that a new app launched by the manufacturers’ organisation Make UK should prove to be extremely helpful.

The Full Story

This app was developed thanks to information from the country’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE), who pointed out that migrant workers are more at risk of suffering a serious accident or being killed at work.

In fact, they think that workers from abroad could face twice the risk of those who were born in the UK. Part of this could be due to them often taking on riskier jobs. However, a lack of English skills could also cause them problems in this respect.

This is because poor English skills are often seen to make it difficult for migrant workers to understand and follow the company’s safety rules. The theory appears to come from an HSE investigation back in 2006, with a Hazards Campaign spokesperson recently confirming that they have noticed a large percentage of foreign workers among the fatality statistics.

More About the App

With this issue in mind, Make UK have teamed up with the FlashAcademy language platform to produce this workplace app for foreign language speaking workers in the UK. Naturally, sticking to standard procedures such as using fixed access ladders where appropriate is the kind of issue that every worker needs to understand, but the language barrier can make this awkward.

The app is a mixture of technical matters and general English skills that can be accessed in 20 different languages. Anyone who has been struggling to get to grips with health and safety instructions in English can use this app to improve their understanding.

Among the overall goals of the new app, the creators want to help foreign-born workers to engage with their company’s health and safety briefings while fully understanding all of the current regulations that are in place.

They also believe that it will increase productivity levels and boost the firm’s culture. It does this by increasing the chances of communication and by giving the worker access to industry-specific terms that are useful in their roles.

The app can be accessed on a wide range of mobile devices, and it doesn’t need the employee to take time off from their work to attend any specific training course. Once they start using it, a dashboard tracks the user’s progress and allows managers to see how well they are going with it.

There is a special Covid-19 section that lets workers see how to minimise the risk of spreading the virus in their workplace. This part covers the current government guidelines and all of the tips needed to stay safe at work during the pandemic.

Make UK say that the introduction of this app will allow companies to fulfil their obligations in terms of the Health & Safety at Work Act. This piece of legislation tells companies that they have a responsibility to make sure that their staff understand the health and safety training that they have received.