NASC – What’s it all About?

NASC – What’s it all About?

31st October 2018

The National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) was founded in 1945 as the UK trade association representing companies involved in scaffolding and access work.  It represents our sector as a member of Build UK (which used to be known as the UK Contractors Group) and is a member of the Trade Association Forum.  Member companies of NASC enjoy access to information and support on security, training and legal issues.

NASC represents the UK’s leading contracting firms, scaffolding suppliers and manufacturers.  All NASC members are strictly audited to ensure that the highest standards are met.  Scaffolding products should conform to NASC Criteria, Code of Conduct and the Code of Practice for scaffolding products. 

NASC produces and provides a wide range of industry recognised technical and safety guidance for scaffolding contractors, operatives and their clients.  These are accepted as the industry standard by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Build UK, the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), and principal contractors across the UK. 

The NASC aims to expand the market share for its members and to provide essential services that will help them run their businesses successfully.  NASC encourages high standards of safety within the industry and promotes high standards of training which will attract new recruits for the workforce of the future.  All NASCA members are require to ensure that:

  • Health and safety regulations are complied with at all times
  • Operatives are fully trained
  • All materials conform to the highest standards and are regularly inspected and maintained
  • Work is carried out in accordance with relevant codes of practice
  • All work is carried out by registered scaffolders and work is properly supervised
  • Public and Employer’s Liability Insurance cover is guaranteed.

NASC is also committed to promoting the role of women in a construction industry where they are under-represented, particularly when it comes to scaffolding.  According to NASC, attracting more women into the industry will be good for business as women bring differing skills, perspectives and ideas to the table.  In fact, NASC puts its money where its mouth is and currently has a female director who chairs the NASC South West and South Wales Region.

NASC also recognises the importance of striking a balance between the requirements of both large and small companies and the regions in which they operate.  NASC is determined to promote the interests of construction companies of all sizes in order to level the playing field.  This is good news for small to medium building companies across the UK. 

Over the past year, the number of small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in the construction sector passed the one million mark for the first time.  These SMEs account for around £185 billion of turnover each year (out of a total turnover of £296.8 billion).  With 5.5 million SMEs operating in the UK, this means that the construction sector accounts for more than 20% of them, playing a huge role as essential service providers and contributing a significant amount to overall economic activity.