The Most Useful and Interesting Ladders for Animals

The Most Useful and Interesting Ladders for Animals

18th March 2020

You might think that only humans use ladders. Yet, there are a variety of different ladders for animals that are well worth knowing about too.

Life-Saving Ladders for Frogs in South Korea

The frog population in South Korea has been suffering from a serious problem recently. Many of these amphibians have been trapped in the country’s concrete drainage trenches that are used in rice fields, leading to deaths and a dwindling population. The solution to this unique problem came from Dundee, in Scotland. There, a ladder design was created to help the Asian frogs out of their predicament. This meant making a steel sheet ladder that is bent and has jute added to it. Early tests were successful, so it seems that the frogs of South Korea will soon by happily climbing these Scottish ladders to safety.

Cat Ladders in Switzerland

Travel to Switzerland and you might be surprised to see small ladders running outside many apartment buildings. Who could possibly use these ladders? That’s right, they are for the feline population. Cat ladders don’t have rungs. Instead, they are made of solid metal or wood ramps, with treads on them to help the cats to maintain their grip as they go up or down. The ladders lead to balconies or open windows, to give the cats complete freedom.     It has even been suggested that the use of cat ladders here is a sign of the Swiss mentality. The theory is that they are people who love freedom and liberty, so they make sure that their furry friends can enjoy it too.  

Ladders for Boat-Loving Swimming Dogs

If you have ever taken a dog out on a boat, there is a good chance that he enjoyed the experience. Of course, if he was able to get in the water to swim it would have been even better. Getting a dog into and out of a boat is a really difficult task. This is why dog ladders for boats exist, of course. They are generally akin to a step unit made of plastic and aluminium, giving pooches an easy way to get in and out of the water whilst at sea.

Ladders to Help Fish Swim More Easily

You have possibly never seen a fish climb a ladder. Yet, fish ladders, also known as fishways, exist. They are used to help migrating species to get up and down the rivers that they need to navigate. Obstructions such as waterfalls and dams can stop these fish from reaching their destination. Therefore, ladders are used to give them a detour that takes them up or down a series of pools of water.  

Ladders for Chicken Coops

It is common for chicken coops to have a series of ladders or ramps for the birds to use. They are typically used when the individual hen’s door is higher than about 18 inches. The design is similar to that what we saw mentioned earlier for cat ladders, although on a smaller scale. They also inspired the use of the name chicken ladders for the type of equipment that is used for carrying out work on roofs.