The Most Unbelievable Movie Stunts in History

The Most Unbelievable Movie Stunts in History

09th November 2020

Have you ever been so amazed by a movie stunt that you wondered how on earth it was filmed ? While computer-generated imagery now makes up a large percentage of the most eye-catching effects, there has always been room for incredible special effects in movies.

The Bungee Jump on GoldenEye, 1995

Arguably the best movie stunt of all time, this film saw Pierce Bosnan take over the iconic role of 007, but the famous piece of action was carried out by stuntman Wayne Michaels at the Contra Dam in Switzerland. In fact, you can visit the same place and carry out a similar sort of jump if you want to.

It took three months to plan and at the time it was filmed, this 720-foot jump was the longest bungee jump ever carried out, and it was shot in just one take with no form of safety ladders or other additional precautions in place. Michaels is said to have passed out when the jump ended, but still managed to take out the dummy gun he had, to ensure the take could be used.

The Wingsuit Part of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, 2011

It is easy to think that this amazing wingsuit sequence was carried out using CGI instead of actors. Yet, the action was real, as human wingsuit fliers swooped through the skyscrapers in Chicago in heart-stopping style, with part of the city closed off for the filming.

This behind the scenes look at the filming of the scene shows how much effort went into it. Skydiver JT Homes pointed out that director Michael Bay saw him in a documentary, and this made up his mind to capture the scene with human fliers instead of creating something using computers.

Jackie Chan Slides Down a Building in Who Am I, 1998

Throughout his career, action star Jackie Chan has completed some eye-opening stunts. Perhaps his most memorable was when he slid down a 24-storey building in Rotterdam in Who Am I. He did the stunt on his own, although with the help of harnesses and cables to control his long slide.

There were also safety nets below him, but this doesn’t take away from a truly breath-taking stunt that few actors would have attempted. Best of all, he didn’t suffer any sort of injury when filming this scene.

The Horse Chase and Drag in Stagecoach, 1939

It could be argued that some older stunts are even more impressive, due to their ground-breaking nature and the lack of modern technology to assist. This helps to make this hugely influential classic Western from John Ford in 1939 even more exciting to watch now. Stagecoach has one of the greatest stunts ever filmed, even by modern standards.

The moment when stuntman and champion rodeo rider Yakima Canutt jumps onto the stagecoach’s horses and then dangles under them before falling off is still remarkable to watch 80 years later. It is just one part of a long action section that shows us the danger and excitement of horses galloping at full speed in an epic chase.