The Most Thrilling Falls in Cinema History

The Most Thrilling Falls in Cinema History

04th August 2020

A dramatic fall has long been one of the trusted ways for movie directors to generate some added excitement, but what are the most famous and thrilling falls that have ever been seen on the big screen?

A Falling Lois Lane Is Saved By the Hero – Superman, 1978

The iconic moment when Lois Lane falls from a helicopter on top of a skyscraper is one of the most memorable action sequences in this classic superhero movie. After dangling from a cord for a few minutes, she finally loses her grip and plummets several floors.

Thankfully, Clark Kent is passing by and swiftly changes into his Superman outfit and flies to the rescue before she reaches the ground.

Beauty Killed the Beast – King Kong, 1933

The original version of King Kong and the different remakes all stick closely to the same ending, as the mighty gorilla climbs to the top of the Empire State Building with the heroine, Ann, in his clutches.

After a battle with some planes, King Kong is finally defeated. With one last look at the woman he has fallen in love with, the gorilla plunges to his death. One of the other characters, Carl, appears and points out that “beauty killed the beast”, rather than the planes.

Learning to Jump - The Matrix, 1999

One of the most spectacular moments in the first of the Matrix series was when Neo started to learn how to achieve incredible feats that wouldn’t be possible in the real world. However, he wasn’t able to carry them all out right away.

His mentor, Morpheus, takes him to the top of a skyscraper and tells him to follow as he leaps across to another building. Neo attempts the leap but nose-dives to the ground before bouncing back up again.

Gollum Finally Gets the Ring - Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, 2003

The Lord of the Rings trilogy has a huge fall at the heart of its ending. Frodo stands on a ledge at Mount Doom, with volcanic fire raging far below him and the mission to destroy the ring once and for all. Yet, he puts the ring on his finger rather than throwing it into the fire.

However, the ghastly Gollum appears and grabs the ring off him. As the two tussle on the ledge, Gollum eventually falls into the fiery pit below, taking the ring with him. There was no fall protection post or other safety feature to save him from his fate.

A Rescue Goes Wrong - Cliffhanger, 1993

The dramatic opening of this movie sets the scene for what lies ahead in a highly tragic way. The main characters’ friend, Hal, and his girlfriend, Sarah are stranded in the Rocky Mountains and need to be rescued.

Things go wrong, though, when Gabe’s harness breaks and she is left dangling helplessly in the grip of Gabe. Finally, she slips agonisingly out of his hand when her glove comes off, and she falls in dramatic fashion to her death.