The Most Outrageously Expensive Gold Versions of Everyday Items

The Most Outrageously Expensive Gold Versions of Everyday Items

17th June 2020

It is clear that using gold instead of steel, aluminium or some other material increases the cost of any item. Yet, when we look at the most expensive versions of everyday items, some of the price tags are astonishing.

The Gold Shirt

Indian businessman Datta Phuge hit the headlines all over the world in 2013 when it was revealed that he had ordered a custom-made gold shirt. Made of 14,000 pieces of 22-carat gold with 7 Swarovski crystal buttons added on, it weighed over 3.3 kilograms and was said to have cost 12.7 million rupees, or around £134,000.

Phuge was a money lender who said that 15 craftsman spent 16 days making the shirt for him. He stated that people knew him as the gold man, which was a title he enjoyed. He pointed out that gold “has always been my passion” and his shirt entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive garment of this type ever made.

The £10 Million Gold Crib

Buying somewhere for the baby to sleep safely and soundly is one of the biggest costs for all proud new parents. Yet, few of them would consider splashing out millions of pounds on a solid gold crib for their little one. This 188 kg model is 114cm tall and comes with wild silk bedding and other luxury details.

Made from 24-carat gold, each of these cribs from Spanish designer Ximo Talamantes takes 6 months to carefully build, so some forward planning is needed. While the solid gold limited edition costs a whopping £9,960,000, a rose gold version can be bought for a more modest £182,600.

The Solid Gold Bike

Bicycles typically are seen as offering a healthy and low-cost way of getting around, but there are more hugely expensive, golden bikes out there than you might think. One example is the $US 1 million model made by The House of Solid Gold. Made from solid gold, it is known as the fat bike, Beverley Hills Edition.

The model has been crafted using 24-carat gold, with every part coated in the precious metal in a building process that took 750 hours to carry out. If you ever wondered why building or other structures are made from CE marked fabrications rather than precious metals, the huge cost of this bike might help to rationalise it.

Mike Tyson’s £1.8 Million Bathtub

Former boxer Mike Tyson famously ended up bankrupt after an uncontrolled spending spree in which he splashed out on Bengal tigers, crazily expensive pigeons and tons of jewellery. But perhaps his most obscene amount of unnecessary expenditure was a £1.8 million gold bathtub.

Made of 24-carat gold, this expensive place to take a luxurious bath costs far more than the average property. He apparently bought it as a gift for his first wife, but after racing through his fortune and ending up with a titanic debt, he had to sell it to a British millionaire for roughly half of the price he had paid for it.