The Most Interesting Uses of Ladders in Sports

The Most Interesting Uses of Ladders in Sports

06th February 2020

You might think that ladders and sports simply don’t go together. Yet, a look at a few different sports shows that these are actually useful and versatile accessories for a number of fascinating reasons.

As a Wrestling Prop

If you have ever watched a WWE match then you have probably seen a burly fighter get hit over the head with a ladder. Many people wonder whether this is a real ladder being used or some sort of lightweight fake that doesn’t cause any damage.

They certainly aren’t a normal set of safety ladders like those you would see on a construction site. WWE ladders are said to be hollow and are a lot lighter than other ladders but are still classed as being among the most dangerous props used in this sport. 

The fact that they are lighter than other ladders means that they bend more easily, making it seem as though the impact was greater than it really was. However, things get even more fraught when a wrestler climbs up to the top and the other tries to topple over the ladder.

There is definitely an element of chaos when this prop is brought into the ring. You might also see a set of steel ring steps get hauled out from time to time to liven up the action and give the fighters another weapon to use.

As a Training Accessory

It is great fun to think of top-class athletes training by running up and down a set of ladders. However, the training accessory used by sports stars actually involves laying a ladder down flat on the floor and running nimbly over it while avoiding the steps.

This is a great workout for sports such as football, where fast footwork and good coordination is needed. Some people call it a speed ladder and others call it an agility ladder. It seems simple but there are some powerful benefits gained from running back and forward over the ladder.

An alternative is to use a ladder with steps that can be raised to form small hurdles. This makes it more difficult, as your feet need to be raised more highly and your coordination has to be even more impressive.

Competitive Ladder Climbing

Yes, there is also a sport that involves trying to climb a ladder as quickly as possible. Some of the videos of this type come from an event known as the World Firefighters Games, or from the intriguingly titled International Competition in Fire-Applied Sport.

The competitors need to run a short distance with their ladder and then place it against the wall. They then climb up the ladder before raising it up and climbing it a couple more times. The first one to reach the top of the tower is the winner.

What is impressive is the speed and agility at which they do this. It really is incredible how swiftly they handle the ladder and then clamber up it. This is a sport that truly deserves to be seen by more people.