The Most Exciting World Records Involving Ladders

The Most Exciting World Records Involving Ladders

05th December 2019

People love to break exciting new world records in any way possible. Did you know that there are numerous records set by people that involve ladders? The following are some of the very best of them.

The Longest Ladder
According to the Guinness World Records website, the longest ladder in the world is a 41.16 meter (135 feet) monster. This mega-ladder is made of wood and has a massive 120 rungs on it. The Handwerks Museum in, St. Leonhard, Austria is credited with creating this enormous ladder, which was built in 2005.
Another contender to be found online isn’t a fixed access ladder but rather the world’s tallest turntable ladder for fire engine use. The current record-holder can be extended to a dizzying height of 68 metres (223 feet) and is hydraulically operated so that it can be fully extended in next to no time.

Ladder Climbing
A team of brave fire fighters from the Isle of Man decided to set a new record in 2012. In July of that year, the Isle of Man Fire & Rescue Service climbed an astonishing 114.17 km (70.94 miles) by ladder in 24 hours. 
This was achieved by a team of ten members, who also broke a series of other team and individual records in the process. They carried out 11,417 climbs, which relates to getting up to the top of Everest 13 times. In doing so, they beat the previous record from 2005 by over 4.5 km.

Balancing on a Ladder
Uzeyer Novruzov from Russia discovered at a young age that he has a talent for using ladders in wacky ways. He learned circus skills when growing up and has appeared on America’s Got Talent, showing off his moves.
His greatest claim to fame came when he set a world record for balancing on a 6 metre ladder. He managed to do this for 7 minutes 15 seconds in 2016. This was achieved in Beijing, China and the stunt involved rules that include the ladder only having 2 feet and not being supported by anything else. 

Balancing a Ladder on Your Chin

Brian Pankey from Spingfield, Illinois came up with a clever way to smash a world record. He did this in 2013 by balancing an 8 feet ladder on his chin for 2 minutes 13.72 seconds.  

Pankey has also claimed over 1,500 other world records.  Many of them are based on his juggling skills, such as the most bites taken out of 3 apples while juggling them. He took 155 bites, in case you are wondering.

Most Steps Backwards Up a Ladder While Controlling a Football

Professional footballer Iya Traore from Guinea is the owner of this unusual record. In 2007, he set this record in Beijing using a 25 metre long fire service ladder that was angled at 55 degrees. 

He played keepie-uppie as he went up 75 steps backwards. You may have seen this football freestyler on other TV shows, and he also appeared on a music video with Shakira a few years ago.