The Most Exciting Games of Snakes and Ladders in the World

The Most Exciting Games of Snakes and Ladders in the World

16th October 2019

Most of us have enjoyed a few games of Snakes and Ladders at some point. This classic board game was supposedly invented in India some time before the 2nd century BCE.

Its original purpose was said to be to give children a sensible moral education on dangers and virtues. However, its arrival in the West saw it packaged as simply a fun game for all the family.

Of course, not everyone is content to play this game in the same way, using the traditional 10-inch square board. Over the years, some people have gone to extraordinary lengths to discover new and thrilling ways to enjoy it.

The Giant Snakes and Ladders Board in Kent, England

Arguably the world’s biggest game of Snakes and Ladders was created in Kent. Michael Blee reportedly spent months working on a massive maze at Gore Farm in Upchurch, which is near Rochester.

When he was finished, he had produced a staggering game that measured 6 acres in size and that boasted 9-foot tall hedges. Mr Blee said that it was the 10th time that he had created a game like this, and that it was “the most complicated so far”.

He went on to confirm that they intended to write to the Guinness Book of Records, to attempt to have it recognised as the world’s largest game of Snakes and Ladders. According to the creator, one of the people who tried the game took 4 hours to finish and to get out of the giant maze.

The Real-Life Game in Auckland, New Zealand

Pakuranga in Auckland is home to a playground where the family can play a real-life game of Snakes and Ladders. Basically, they throw some giant dice and then climb up real ladders, with those unfortunate enough to land on a snake having to slither down it.

The game is free to play and the natural setting by the water makes it ideal for some fresh air and exercise. It isn’t as big as the previous game mentioned, but for smaller children it could be a lot of fun.

Naturally, anyone who has enough space and a decent level of creativity can set up their own real-life game like this. Just be sure to consider the safety aspects by using safety ladders and sturdy materials for those slippery snakes.

The Bahrain-Themed Charity Game in Manama, Bahrain

One of the other places to give giant games of Snakes and Ladders a try was Bahrain. The City Centre Bahrain shopping and leisure destination in Manama hosted a very special game to raise money for charity.

The game included “iconic miniature landmarks of the Kingdom” so that players learned about its history as they competed.  Prizes were given out and worthwhile donations made to the Bahrain Down Syndrome Society too.

It is clear that the ancient games of Snakes and Ladders isn’t going to lose its appeal anytime soon. With people all over the world keen to play it in fresh new ways, it will continue to be a family favourite long into the future.