The Most Amazing Ways People Have Climbed Stairs

The Most Amazing Ways People Have Climbed Stairs

22nd December 2020

Walking up or down a set of stairs is the sort of everyday activity that we all carry out without even thinking about it. Yet, some people have chosen to look for incredible ways of doing this over the years.

The Record Climb

Kurt Hess decided to break the record for the longest stair climb in 2007, so he set his sights on the Esterli Tower in Lenzburg, Switzerland. With 45 metres over 253 steps, he worked out that climbing it several hundred times would beat the existing record.

In the end, Hess climbed up to the top 413 times in under 24 hours. This gave him a total climb of 60,974 ft (18.585 km) and made him the current record-holder for the tall vertical climb made using stairs. If you’ve ever had to use normal steps or an up and over stair various times a day, you will appreciate how tiring this must have been.

Going Up Stairs on a Unicycle

If you ever decide to climb some stairs using a unicycle, you will have to put in a lot of work to get close to Owen Farmer’s record. In San Francisco in 2016, Farmer first of all broke the record for most number of Rubik’s cubes solved on a unicycle, by completing 117 of them, and then went on to attempt the stairs while sitting comfortably on his one-wheeler.

He managed to go up a total of 1,005 steps in 46 minutes and 50 seconds, comfortably beating the former record of 670 steps that was set by Benjamin Guiraud at the Eiffel Tower in 2006. However, he failed in his attempt to climb the most steps on a unicycle in 30 seconds, with the record still sitting at the 56 that Peter Rosendahl managed.  

Piano Stair Climb

Spaniard José Angel Aria Villanueva decided to combine the art of stair climbing with piano playing to set an interesting new record in 2001. To do this, he climbed 15 steps with a piano stool before going back down them to get the piano and take it up with him.

The next step was to sit down and play some sweet tunes on it for three minutes. He did it all live on El Show de Los Records on Spanish TV but sadly we couldn’t find the evidence anywhere online. 

Climbing the Stairs on Your Head

The next person to climb some stairs is from China and is called Li Longlong. He seems to think that walking up some stairs is too easy, so in 2015 he opted to go up them on his head. At this point, he already shared the world record for doing this, with an impressive 34 steps.

However, Li went a couple better that day by managing to climb 36 steps on his head. You can see on this video how the gymnast did it on live TV, jumping up onto each new step while his outstretched legs allowed him to stay balanced all the time.