The Most Amazing Things You Can Do at Great Heights

The Most Amazing Things You Can Do at Great Heights

08th April 2020

Not everyone has a head for heights. Yet, if you are comfortable climbing up into the sky then there are some incredible experiences that you can enjoy.

Eat a Meal

Novelty, sky-high dining experiences have sprung up in different parts of the globe in recent years. Paris and Las Vegas are among the cities where you can enjoy a terrific meal while looking down at the city far below you.

Typically, a crane will lift up the table, around 20 seated diners and the waiting staff to close to 50 metres off the ground. There, the guests can enjoy a luxury meal created by a top chef.

This fascinating concept has now reached over 60 countries, with themed events available for wedding, birthday parties and other events. There is no need for safety ladders, but you do get strapped into place with a special seal belt.

Play Tennis

The tennis court at the Burj Al Arab has been called the highest tennis court in the world. In truth, the spectacular images of Andre Agassi and Roger Federer playing there a few years ago were part of a publicity stunt in the build-up to the Dubai Duty Free Men’s Open.

Organisers turned the hotel’s helipad surface into a temporary tennis court. At 280 metres, this is currently the 7th tallest building in the world, and the helipad is right up near the top of it.

Play Golf or Football

There are other sports that have been played on top of skyscrapers. For example, the Adidas Futsal Park is located on top of the Tokyo Toyoku store, next to the incredibly busy Shibuya area.

Football players can hire this pitch for a game with an unbelievable view. What about golf fans who want some extra thrills, though? We have also seen some memorable images of golfers on top of tall buildings.

For example, that helipad at the Burj Al Arab was used for another publicity stunt, with Tiger Woods promoting the Dubai Desert Golf Classic by smacking a few balls off it.

Annika Sorenstam also famously hit some shots off a 40-storey Manhattan skyscraper towards a bullseye target that was floating in the water. This was part of a charity stunt to help raise funds for good causes.

Enjoy the View with Some Champagne

You can find tall ferris wheels in many different places. In some of them, you get to sit in a comfortable capsule while sipping from a glass of champagne or some other tipple.

The highest contraption of this type is the High Roller ferris in Las Vegas. It rises up to over 167 metres and was opened in 2014.

However, the Dubai Eye will soon take over this title. It will be 210 metres high once completed and will contain 48 capsules for carrying up to 1,400 passengers at any given time. Since alcohol is banned in most places in the UAE, it remains to be seen whether tourists will be able to enjoy some sky-high champagne.