Men in Tights – Guaranteed Ladder Free!

Men in Tights – Guaranteed Ladder Free!

12th January 2017

Every now and again, while we’re researching the wider world of ladders we come across an interesting ladder story that’s not particularly relevant to our industry but that we think our readers will find fascinating.   We recently came across some news reports on the ultimate fashion find – ladder-less tights.  There have always been rumours that ladder resistant tights or stockings were invented decades ago and that they were never brought to market by a hosiery industry that relies on the ladders to keep the customers coming back for more!   There’s a bit of a flap going on in the lingerie industry right now following the release of ladder-proof seamless tights to fit all sizes by Langley Mill company, Legwear International. 

Using an innovative new knitting technique, Legwear International are offering the Couture Ultimates collection of tights which come in nine different designs.  The company is so confident of its claims that the tights are ladder resistant that they say the tights are 100% ladder proof even when cut with a pair of scissors!  The tights are also seamless, making them ideal to wear under close fitting clothing which would normally show every seam and bump.  In fact, the tights have bevome a firm favourite with Holly Willoughby or ITV’s This Morning and she’s taken to the small screen to show them off with a floral Topshop dress and Prada shoes.

In a bid to create the Holy Grail of Hosiery, the expert team at Legwear International in Nottingham racked their brains to come up with a new way of manufacturing tights.  The tights are made on machines where every single needle has its own thread, a manufacturing method which prevents holes and snags from running all the way up or down the leg.   This means that Couture Ultimates can guarantee customers a new, high quality experience at the competitive price of between £10 and £15 per pair. 

In an even more shocking development, Director of Legwear International, Allan Falconer, revealed that when it comes to tights for men, the male customers can be divided into two categories – functional and fashion.  The company’s Dance Shimmer range of tights are a firm favourite with male customers due to their strength and the fact that they are available in the extra large size.  While admitting that the male market for tights has been neglected he disclosed thaqt not enough is known about the needs and preferences when it comes to this market sector.

Tights can be much more practical than long johns under trousers in the winter – long johns often end up arguing with your socks and coming untucked, a problem that you don’t get with tights.  For those of us working outdoors in the winter in the construction industry, thermal tights could well be the fashion of the future.  However, hosiery manufacturers need to know exactly what me want from a pair of tights.  If you fancy donning a pair to keep warm, why not get in touch with Allan from Legwear International and offer some suggestions to get the nball rolling?