Make Your Voice Heard Now in the Construction Sector

Make Your Voice Heard Now in the Construction Sector

11th September 2015

Earlier this year (in January) we gave our readers the lowdown on the Building Information Modelling (BIM) Task Group that was formed to deliver the objectives of the Government Construction Strategy. It's predicted that BIM will impact on both the dynamics and behaviours of the construction supply chain, hopefully leading to more efficient and collaborative methods of working which should put the UK at the forefront of the new digital construction era.

The current administration's target is to implement BIM on all centrally procured projects by next year and the Electrical Contractors' Association (ECA) has launched a survey urging construction firms to submit their responses in order to gauge the rate at which the sector is actually adopting BIM. There are only a couple of days left to take part in this survey which officially closes on 15th September so if you want to make your voice heard, you'll need to act right now. Head on over to the poll on Survey Monkey to take part.

This is a comprehensive survey that is aimed at any and all companies that operate in the building services and engineering sectors. The government will require the use of collaborative 3D BIM on its centrally procured project by the spring of 2015 (this is known as BIM Level 2) in a bid to encourage innovation and benefits throughout the building project life cycle. The survey has been backed by several trade organisations, including the Construction Products Association and the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers.

The ECA's director of business services, Paul Reeve has revealed that many engineering and building companies have already joined in and completed the survey but is calling for more respondents to do so. He claims that it's vital that respondents demonstrate how they are faring with BIM so far and what they are planning to do next. This will deliver critical information as to how BIM-ready the sector is as the construction industry as a whole will require BIM capability to operate effectively in the coming years.

In fact, a recent survey that was carried out by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors discovered that 73% of surveying firms believe that failure to adopt BIM could damage the future outlook of the construction sector as a whole here in the UK. This is quite a worrying prospect when you consider that, to date, a massive 49% of companies have admitted that they do not yet use the technology on a regular basis. It really does seem that the construction industry may have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the Digital Age!

The results of the survey will be widely available later on this year and will be sent to the relevant government departments, along with other key stakeholders in the public and commercial sectors. The results will be useful in demonstrating how companies are using the technology on the ground and this will enable the creation of virtual models of construction projects before anybody even sets foot on site.