Made in Sheffield - Like a Phoenix Rising From the Ashes

Made in Sheffield - Like a Phoenix Rising From the Ashes

22nd July 2015

If you’re thinking that Made in Sheffield is the slogan we find on the best cutlery the work over, then you’re wrong. You can be forgiven for thinking we’re talking about the music scene documentary film starring John Peel, Jarvis Cocker and other luminaries of the musical world, you’d also be wrong! Sheffield does have a long and illustrious history at the cutting edge of steel production with several local innovations such as the crucible and stainless steel but international competition in the seventies and eighties, combined with the collapse of the local coal mining industry has caused a decline in traditional local industries.

This brings us to the new “Made in Sheffield” – which is akin to a phoenix rising from the ashes of past industry. Nowadays Sheffield is successful producer city of the 21st Century. World class companies in a wide range of industries are leading the way in materials technology, advanced manufacturing, the creative and digital sectors, biomedical and healthcare technology and even the food industry.

The coveted “Made in Sheffield” Mark is a symbol of the city’s commitment to excellence and quality and is being used by companies in the Sheffield City Regions. The Mark is recognised the world over as a mark of quality and origin and is awarded to successful applicants who satisfy some pretty stringent criteria:

  • The company must be located in the ‘S’ Sheffield postcode area consistent with the Sheffield City Region (which is the historical county of Hallamshire).
  • The company must be able to demonstrate a commitment to producing high quality products.
  • The company must be legitimately entitled to use the mark of origin “Made in Sheffield” on some or all of its products.

Sheffield is the only city in the whole of the UK whose name is protected due to its selling power and global reputation for excellence. This unique brand means that the Mark identifies products that are manufactured within a distinct geographical region that has been internationally associated with quality products for centuries.

Charles Turner is the Chair of the “Made in Sheffield” association and says “Made in Sheffield is too important to entrust to anyone other than those that use it daily to underpin their international sales. So use it or lose it.” The Made in Sheffield Mark is registered with the UK Patent Office.

Here at Safety Fabrications we take our commitment to providing excellent quality products to our customers seriously, so we’re proud to announce that we are one of the unique companies that has been granted the right to add the Made in Sheffield Mark to our products. Our fabrication shop is based in Sheffield just a few miles from the M1 motorway which allows for easy access and delivery, not just in the UK, but in Europe and throughout the world.

In accordance with the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) of the European Parliament, our products also carry the CE Marking that demonstrates conformity with performance and quality.

This latest Made in Sheffield Mark means that our customers can be confident that they are receiving the very best quality products on the market today, an important issue when it comes to safe access in the construction industry.