The Lighthouse Club - What's It All About?

The Lighthouse Club - What's It All About?

24th February 2016

The Lighthouse Club is the charitable organisation that delivers charitable welfare and support to the construction community in the UK.  While it’s an unlikely name for the construction sector, being a little more maritime in nature, if you read on you can see how the Club got its name.  The Lighthouse Club came into being following a Ministry of Pubic Buildings and Works Exhibition in Tyneside back in 1956.  A group of attendees took a trip to the seafront at Whitley Bay and committed to extend the goodwill they enjoyed at the show by creating an organisation that would benefit the entire construction industry.  One of these, Eddie Ward set the wheels in motion and later acted as Secretary General of the Lighthouse Club for thirty years, work which eventually earned him an MBE.

The seaside gathering was illuminated by St. Mary’s Lighthouse to the north which was decommissioned in 1984 and now enjoys an extended life as a popular visitor centre.  Not long after its inception, the Lighthouse Club introduced the Lighthouse Club Benevolent Fund which is a registered charity offering assistance and aid to construction workers who suffer an accident or illness.  Since its humble beginnings providing Christmas hampers, the Lighthouse Club has gone on to distribute more than £12.5 million to construction workers and their families. 

The Lighthouse Club nowadays also acts as a networking organisation and has offices in the UK, the Middle East and Australasia.  If you’re wondering whether or not to join, take a look at these very persuasive reasons:

·You’ll become part of a close knit community of likeminded construction industry players with a strong level of camaraderie.

·With offices across the UK there’s bound to be a Club near where you live and work.  Offices in far flung parts of the world will give you access to members who work in other locations, including Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and all parts of Australia.

·Each Club holds events throughout the year giving you the opportunity to have some fun whilst networking and perhaps furthering your career.  You’ll be able to attend social gatherings, golf days, annual balls and other events where you can share best practice, swap stories, have fun and meet new people.

·You’ll become part of an organisation that raises funds for those in need.  The Benevolent Fund helps raise money for those in need whether a victim of a construction accident or an illness acquired whiles employed within the sector. 

·You could even find yourself in a cool new job as a result of joining the Lighthouse Club.  Networking and meeting new people (especially on a global basis) will allow you to reach out to recruiters in different parts of the country (or even different parts of the world) and discover openings and opportunities that could enhance your career.

If you want to join the Lighthouse Club and you’re looking for the nearest branch of the organisation, just take a look at the Lighthouse Club website’s “Find your Local Club” search facility.