A Light-hearted Look at Ladders

A Light-hearted Look at Ladders

17th August 2015

Everybody working in the construction industry knows that safety in the workplace is a pretty weighty subject – it’s a topic that we at Safety Fabrications take seriously as we bring you all the latest sector news.  However, every now and again we like to lighten the mood and write a blog post that will brighten up your day and make you smile.  Today is a day for smiling,

We’ve just come across a fab video on YouTube that’s trending in China – it’s a piece of pyrotechnic artwork by Cai Guoqiang, a Chinese contemporary artist who now lives in New York and is famous for his use of gunpowder.  Just take a look at this video of a ladder created from fireworks – it’s pretty awesome.



When it comes to health and safety, these guys have obviously got a lot to learn – just look at the risks they are all taking while fitting or fixing an air conditioner unit to the outside of this building.  Yes, they are using a ladder but they obviously haven’t had any ladder safety training at all.  We think these guys are great candidates for this year’s Idiots on Ladders award, an annual competition organised by the UK Ladder Association.  If you do a Google search for “Idiots on Ladders” you’re likely to come across a load of images of ladder loonies around the world.  Although most of these images will either make you cringe or laugh out loud, it’s no laughing matter when things go wrong and serious accidents occur.

Then there are those who just leave out the ladder altogether.  This guy obviously needs to access a high point on the building and may not have a ladder long enough to reach the job at hand.  That hasn’t deterred him at all though.  While he gets brownie points for being resourceful, this type of resourcefulness is downright dangerous and is putting him at risk of a serious accident.  This is what happens in countries that don’t have the same level of stringent health and safety laws as we do here in the UK – people make do and use equipment that is not only not suited to the task at hand, but the equipment they use can put them in a very dangerous position.

While UK legislation is based on EU legislation, not all countries in the European Union are as dedicated to enforcing that legislation as we are here in Britain.  And in developing nations there is often very little health and safety legislation in place to protect employees in the work place.  Here in the UK, we have some of the strictest health and safety at work regulations in the world – something that we often moan about.  However, that legislation has led to us being one of the safest countries on the planet to work in, protecting all of us as we go about our daily business or earning a living.

So, next time you’re reading in the tabloid press about “elf and safety gone mad” here in the UK, with reporters knocking our strict legislation, think about whether you would prefer to be putting your life on the line when working at height in the construction industry.