Let's Make The UK A Safer Place To Live And Work With Sensible Use Of Ladders

Let's Make The UK A Safer Place To Live And Work With Sensible Use Of Ladders

09th July 2014

Using ladders in the correct way is vital if you want to avoid a nasty fall or accident in the home.  We probably all own a ladder of some sort and most homeowners will only have one type of ladder.  This is great if you have invested in a multi-purpose type ladder system that can be used in a variety of different ways depending on the task at hand.  However, if you have a stepladder, then there will be times when a straight ladder is needed and, you can guarantee that if your ladder is a straight ladder, you’ll end up needing to do jobs around the house that are better suited to a step ladder.

If you only have one type of ladder, then chances are that you use it for all types of situations where you need to gain access to spots that are higher than you can reach.  This means that on some of the occasions when you use a ladder you will be putting yourself at risk by not using the correct ladder.  Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security because you actually have a ladder – some jobs are best done with particular type of ladder. 

If your ladder is fairly old or damaged in any way, then a new ladder is probably a good idea.  Don’t look at it as an extra expense; look at it as an investment and an opportunity to treat yourself to a multi-purpose ladder than can be used on most household jobs.  Take a look at some of the multi-purpose ladder systems available and make sure that the one you choose will be suitable for all of the types of jobs that you usually do (or plan to do) around the home. 

A multipurpose ladder may seem like the most expensive option, but it’s sure to save you money in the long run as you shouldn’t have to buy another ladder of a different type when you come across a job that needs a different type of ladder.   With so many ladder systems available, there is sure to be something that will suit just about any homeowner to use in a domestic setting.

When using a ladder about the house, don’t be fooled into thinking that ladder safety is something that only needs to be considered by those who work at height or work in the construction industry.  Ladder safety is just as important in the home as it is in the workplace and the same health and safety advice applies.

This means that you need to inspect the ladder for damage and deterioration every time you plan to use it.  You’ll also need to follow the safety advice on using ladders – this advice is not just for the professionals, it’s for everyone.

Making sure that your ladder is undamaged and suitable for the task at hand is not something on which you can compromise in any way.  Falls from a ladder are still common in the UK with several deaths and many more injuries resulting from this type of fall every year.  Let’s all band together and make the UK a safer place to work and live by being sensible when using ladders.