Ladder Safety in the digital age - What's 'App-ening?

Ladder Safety in the digital age - What's 'App-ening?

03rd September 2014

We live in an increasingly digital age – we have laptops and smartphones accessing information on the go on a daily basis.  Our vehicles are likely to be computerised and we find our way around with sat navs.  Apps have exploded onto the market in recent years, providing us with handy ‘gadgets’ that make it easier to function as we struggle to keep up with life in the 21st Century.  It seems that there’s an app for just about everything you want to do – find a restaurant, find a film to watch, grab a cab.  Well, believe it or not, there are ladder safety apps which are proving to be a popular piece of kit in many countries of the world. 

There are a few different ladder apps on the market that provide a digital value add to ladder safety.  The apps use the smartphone’s integral spatial orientation technology to provide on the spot guidance on ladder positioning. 

One American ladder safety app has become particularly popular across the Pond – the NIOSH ladder safety app which features a user-friendly, graphic oriented guide for ladder selection, positioning, inspection and safe use.  The app is free to download for Apple and Android devices and is also available in Spanish.  However, this one is geared to the US market to be compliant with US rules and regulations.

DSFederal’s ladder safety app is also available for the UK market as well as several other countries in the world. It can be downloaded here for Apple products and here for Google Android.

Misjudging a ladder angle is a significant risk factor for a fall.  Ladders that are set too steep are at risk of falling backwards or sideways during use while a ladder that is set too shallow is at risk of having the bottom slide away.  Being able to place the ladder safety by pressing a button on a smartphone is a cool way of speeding up the process slightly.

We’re living in an increasingly digital age with new ways of working no matter what industry or sector we work in.  Shunning new ways of doing things only leads to not being able to compete on a level playing field, especially important for small to medium businesses in the current economic climate.  Embracing new technology is the best way to stay ahead of the game.  The use of Software as a Service (SaaS) is on the increase here in the UK with apps becoming popular for businesses in just about every sector, including construction.

There are apps available to make the job at hand easier and also apps that make running a business easier.  Organisation apps that help keep track of call outs, vehicles, equipment and tools.  Making full use of the apps available to the industry is the way forward and we’re set to see apps being used more and more in the coming years.