The Ladder Between Two Mountain Peaks

The Ladder Between Two Mountain Peaks

25th December 2018

If you regularly work at height in the construction industry, you’re sure to be aware of the importance of safety whilst doing so.  We have stringent legislation designed to ensure that work at height is carried out with the minimum amount of risk possible and there is a whole industry built around providing equipment that enables safe access for working at height and the personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary for doing so. 

Here at Safety Fabrications, we’re always on the lookout for ladders being used in weird or wonderful ways and we’ve come across a ladder in Gosaukamm, Switzerland that is attracting thrill seekers from around the world.  The ladder is fabricated from steel and ropes and enables climbers to climb high into the clouds as they climb from one mountain peak to another!

The huge ladder has been dubbed the “Stairway to Heaven” after the popular Led Zeppelin track and is part of one of the Via Ferratas in the Austrian Alps.  The Via Ferratas are fixed rope routes and “iron ways” that are used by seasoned climbers on the mountainous trails.  The new ladder is a 40 metre long panoramic sky ladder that enables climbers to fully appreciate the stunning views of the Dachstein glacier, the surrounding mountains and the entire Gosau Valley which opens up below. 

The ladder, properly named the Himmelsleiter, was built by an Outdoor Leadership training company with the help of their professional climber, Heli Putz, a professional coach, ski guide and certified mountain guide.  You can’t just rock up in Austria and start climbing the ladder however, as there are safety considerations to take into account.  The only way to enjoy the climb is via an organised event.  Climbers are provided with the requisite safety equipment to minimise the risks involved as they climb from rung to rung, from one mountain top to another.

Just watching the video of the ladder being climbed will be enough excitement and danger for many of us.  Not only do the climbers appear to be hanging in the air, but the ladder wobbles as it’s being climbed, which is probably enough to deter all but the most intrepid of daredevils.

The company which organises the climbs specialises in providing outdoor training designed for companies, groups and schools to promote leadership qualities.  Whilst these outdoor adventure events have become commonplace in recent years, as companies strive to send staff on leadership and team building exercises, the Himmelsleiter takes this type of training to the next level.  Anybody who conquers this challenge will have leadership qualities in spades as this is a huge accomplishment in its own right. 

Any construction workers out there who think working at height is about as brave as you can get – think again!  Would you dare to try out this challenge?  Let us know what you think by commenting on our feeds on Facebook and Twitter.