The Ladder Association Advocate Scheme - What's it All About?

The Ladder Association Advocate Scheme - What's it All About?

30th September 2015

We’ve already mentioned the Ladder Association several times here at Safety Fabrications – they’re the guys who run the Idiots on Ladders competition every year and organise the Ladder Exchange Initiative. The Idiots on Ladders competition attracts entries from across the world and we all follow this avidly as the search unfolds for the biggest chump on a ladder – while it’s fun to see the photos, it’s also excruciating to think of just how dangerous some people can be when faced with a ladder to climb!

As we’ve said before, the Ladder Association is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1947 to promote high standards and best practice in ladder use. With headquarters in Glasgow, members include ladder suppliers, manufacturers and trainers and associate members range from sole traders to any organising that wants to keep up to date on developments within the ladder industry.

The Ladder Association’s Advocate Scheme brings the Association’s guidance and expertise directly to any professional who may need it. The Scheme offers information and free health and safety products to ensure that up to date information on ladder use is available at all times. The Advocate Scheme is a free campaign dedicated to keeping people who work with ladders informed about the latest safety developments, best practice and standards in ladder use.

The Scheme operates through a special team of Ladder Advocates, all senior figures in the ladder industry. They are available to address professionals, trade bodies, conferences and others. These professionals are dedicated to delivering presentations that will separate fact from fiction when it comes to ladder use and also to explain the latest and best use of ladders.

The Ladder Association offers a non-commercial presentation that covers a range of topics and the opportunity to submit questions in advance to ensure that all of the subject matter covered is relevant to the audience. It’s possible to book a free presentation through the Advocate Scheme which will include the following:

  • A screening of the Ladder Association Toolbox talk
  • A talk by an expert in the ladder industry
  • A free copy of the Ladder Association’s LadderBook for each attendee
  • A “Be ladder competent . . . get a LadderCard” poster for displaying in the workplace

Although the Ladder Association has been going for more than fifty years, the organisation is bang up to date when it comes to social media. It has its own Facebook Page and Twitter account to keep followers informed in real time on developments within the industry. It’s using social media to spread the word about the Ladder Advocates Scheme. With more than two million ladders and stepladders in daily use here in the UK, it’s vital that users get the best advice and training available to ensure safety whether in the workplace or in a domestic setting.