Ladder Accessories for the DIY Enthusiast

Ladder Accessories for the DIY Enthusiast

05th December 2017

There are some pretty nifty ladder accessories on the market nowadays – stuff that any self-respecting DIY-er probably couldn’t do without. 

First up is the ladder bucket and pot holder – a pannier shaped bucket that is designed to hook over one of the rungs of the ladder and hold a pot of paint (up to 2.5 litres), a standard width roller and brushes.  Or what about a drill and a pot of screws or a cleaning kit for when you’re cleaning the gutters in the spring.  This is a really handy little accessory that makes using a ladder for general household jobs a lot easier and it’s less than a tenner for a real bargain.

If that’s not handy enough for you, then there’s a ladder yoke which will provide you with a large hook on each side of your ladder.  It’s fitted easily and secured around a rung with a cambuckle strap and holds up to 3 kg per side.

If you’re having a problem with sloping or uneven ground as a base for your ladder, then you can buy the Laddermat Ladder Leveller – four heavy duty rubber mats with nodules that are linked by a sturdy metal loop which provides adjustable, anti-slip locking to go under the ladder feet to reduce the risk of slipping or sinking into soft ground.

If your ladder needs new feet and you’re having a problem finding a match, then you can buy trim to fit ladder bungs that will do the job.  They come in pairs and they’re made from solid rubber and have cutting guides so that you can fit them exactly to your ladder.  If that’s not quite good enough for you, then you can opt instead for non-slip articulating rubber feet with rubber studs that will give you some extra grip.

If you have a lot of ladder work to do it might be worth investing in a ladder platform to stand on.  Made from steel with a non-slip rubber surface, working on a ladder is made much more comfortable with one of these gadgets.  They’re suitable for industrial, trade and DIY use, and just hook over the ladder rungs to fit instantly.

If you need to use your ladder on stairs to reach hard to access areas for painting, decorating or repair jobs, then a staircase ladder leveller is essential.  It’s designed to make locating a ladder sideways on a stair tread safer, with an extra and adjustable 13” – 19” provided. 

You can buy ladder stays, ladder locks and even a roof rack clamp to keep your ladders safely attached to the top of the car while transporting them.  However, the most important issue when using ladders is safety.  If you are buying any ladder accessories at all, it’s vital to make sure that they are compatible with your ladder before using them.  And, don’t forget to do a ladder safety check every time you break out the ladders.