Key Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Ladder in 2021

Key Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Ladder in 2021

26th January 2021

The first months of the year are naturally used for stocktaking, re-evaluation, and making other plans for the year. Since ladders are essential equipment for most workplaces and home improvement, now is a great time to think about whether you need to buy a new ladder and exactly what type you need to buy. The following are key questions that you should ask yourself to ensure you’re making an informed purchase decision.

  1. Is the Current Equipment Fit For the Job?

This should be your first and biggest question to address before anything else. If you have doubts about the safety of your current ladder, stop using the equipment immediately until proper inspection has been done to ascertain whether it can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

A ladder is a safety-critical piece of equipment and should be subject to frequent and regular inspections, depending on how heavily you use it. Generally, you’ll need to thoroughly inspect your ladder at least twice a year; and you can decide to start your inspection this January.

Normally, workers are required to perform a quick inspection of their ladders every time they intend to use. But it’s important to have a professional ladder inspector to perform a thorough inspection once in a while. Should the professional conclude that your ladder(s) poses a risk to your workers, ensure to remove the equipment out of circulation immediately to allow for the necessary action to be taken – whether it’s repairing or replacement.

  1. What is Your Budget?

Most ladder models available in the market vary in prices - from low-cost to expensive. You need to have a budget constraint to help you separate the models within your range before making your decision. But most importantly, you need to first certify the safety and quality of the product and check if the manufacturer or supplier is providing any warranty. CE marked fabrications are proof that the products have been designed and manufactured as per the relevant European Union (EU) health and safety standards hence are safe to use in a variety of workplace situations.

  1. Did You Plan to Buy a Ladder This Year?

You may have received a job proposal this year that you hadn’t prepared for and you may not be having the necessary equipment to get the job done. You may opt to buy the ladder for your employees to use or hire an outside contractor with the right tools for the task at hand. It’s important that you consider how frequently the task is expected to occur again in future and if buying the equipment would be more economical than hiring it temporarily. This is usually the case when you need a specialist ladder.

  1. What Material Are You Looking For?

Most ladders are made of aluminium, fibreglass, or wood. The type of task you have and expected length of equipment use will dictate the type of material you need. Aluminium ladders are strong, lightweight, and durable. They can handle heaps of loads and stay intact. However, aluminium is a good conductor of electricity hence not recommended for use when close to electricity. You may opt for fibreglass or wooden ladders, instead. Metal ladders may also not be appropriate for victimisation during hot summer days and the winter.

Fibreglass ladders are very sturdy hence can handle rough handling. They’re durable and do not conduct electricity. However, they’re a bit expensive compared to aluminium and wooden ladders.

Wooden ladders are the foremost common choice, especially for hardware stores or home improvement. But they can be very heavy and can deteriorate easily when kept in unsuitable environments.