Keeping Your Cool During Home Renovations

Keeping Your Cool During Home Renovations

20th October 2014

If you’re considering a home renovation project then you’re likely to have a lot to think about – budget, timescale, planning, and logistics.  It’s an endless list that you’ll keep adding to until it’s time to start the renovation project.  However, before the builders arrive and the scaffolding goes up, you’ll need to sort out how you’re planning to live while the work is being done.  If you’re not moving out to stay with family or friends (or even rented accommodation) while the renovation is taking place, you’ll need to find a way of living in amongst all the disruption. 

If the renovation being undertaken involves mostly outside work, then the chaos indoors will be kept to a minimum and it should prove relatively easy to carry on with life as you know it.  However, if it’s indoor work that’s being done, it could be a whole different matter!  The amount of disruption will depend on what’s being done and which rooms are involved.  Here are some tips for making life a little easier when you’re without some of your usual facilities:

KITCHEN – If you’re having a new kitchen, then you’ll really need to get a good time estimate from the builders doing the work and insist that they do everything possible to stick with it.  If possible, use tradesmen that you’ve used before or that somebody you know well has recommended.  You’ll need to plan how you’re going to provide meals without a functioning kitchen so that you can make sure to buy the type of groceries that will be quick and convenient to prepare and cook. 

 If possible, move all of your kitchen appliances out of the room and to somewhere where they can be plugged in and used.  This is particularly important as far as fridges and freezers are concerned, while you can probably use a laundrette (or kind relative) for the laundry.  You may have to manage with the microwave while your new kitchen is being built and get the dishes done in the bathroom (or use mostly paper plates).  Try to plan in advance to make life easier for you and your family and it will take a lot of the stress out of the situation.

BATHROOM – Going without a bath or shower for a few days isn’t great, but it is doable.  If the kitchen is still in action while the bathroom work is being done, then you can at least fill a bowl to have a sponge down if you like.  You can wash face and hands and clean teeth at the kitchen sink.  You’ll need to keep the sink area spotlessly clean and make sure all the dishes are put away before using the sink for washing in.  If you have a utility room that has a sink, then you can designate that as the temporary family bathroom whilst your new bathroom is being installed. 

The kitchen and bathroom are the most inconvenient rooms to be without for any length of time.  Living rooms and dining rooms are easy to do without for a little while.  The bedrooms are pretty vital, but if you’re having bedrooms remodelled, then the family can all have fun camping out in the living room for a while.  Yes, it will be hectic, but the children will love it.