The Kee to Safe Access for Work at Height

The Kee to Safe Access for Work at Height

20th March 2019

Here at Safety Fabrications, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with safe access solutions they can rely on.  Work at height is required in so many different sectors nowadays, not solely in the construction industry.  As such we know that our clients, both here in the UK and overseas, need access solutions that suit their specific business requirements. 

We are an experienced manufacturer of a wide range of different access products, including steps, walkways, stairs and fall protection posts that serve as robust anchors for the personal protective equipment that’s sometimes required for work at height.  Many of our access products are off the shelf products delivered in flat-pack components for assembly on site.  As such, we carry a wide range of tubes and fittings that allow our products to be assembled in a range of different applications to suit the specific requirements of each customer.  The wide variety of tubing and fittings available mean that any customer can order what is tantamount to a “bespoke” access solution for their premises.

We have discovered that the Kee-Klamp range o fittings is the most versatile option and of consistent high quality.

We offer Kee products in three different categories:

  • Kee-Klamp – these safety barrier components are manufactured from durable cast iron and the wide range includes fittings for guardrails, barriers, safety railings and handrails.  The extensive range of fittings on offer allow them to be used to develop bespoke safety solutions that comply with the requirements of the UK Equality Act and Building Regulations Part M. 
  • Kee-Lite – these components are manufactured from robust aluminium, providing a light weight, flexible and robust solution for the construction of safety railings, handrails, guardrails and barriers.  Like the Kee-Klamp range, the wide variety of components on offer enable the provision of bespoke access solutions in a variety of applications.
  • Kee-Access – these are designed to be used to create the smooth surface handrailing that’s required by UK disability legislation and Building Regulations Part M.  The wide variety of handrail brackets, sockets, elbows and joins in this range enable a bespoke solution to be provided wherever needed.  

Kee Safety is one of the world’s leading suppliers of components and bespoke systems for railings, barriers, roof edge protection, fall prevention, and safe access equipment for working at height.  Kee safety products are distributed through an established network of distributors and fall protection partners like Safety Fabrications.  As such, we’re delighted to partners with Kee Safety in this way to ensure that all of our customers are provided with a safe access solution that not only meets their requirements, but that is safe and complies with current legislation.  This means we can provide our clients with the best access solutions that they can rely on at all times.