Join the List of Builders Qualified to Work on Places of Worship in the UK

Join the List of Builders Qualified to Work on Places of Worship in the UK

18th July 2018

Last year we took a look at Heritage Construction here in the UK – it’s certainly a great business model for construction companies that want to specialise and stand out from the crowd.  There is plenty of work available as we strive to maintain and repair our millions of traditional buildings (constructed before 1919) in the UK.  However, training in traditional skills is vital for undertaking heritage work of this type in order to be considered for repair and maintenance work on the 20% of UK properties that are classed as traditional.   Heritage Construction is a subject that we follow closely here at Safety Fabrications as we fully support efforts to preserve our traditional and historic buildings for future generations.

A new website has been launched with the aim of keeping historic churches and chapels safe for the future, making it easy for churches to prevent problems such as leaking roofs and crumbling stonework.  Churches and chapels or all denominations can use Maintenance Booker to get professional help for essential maintenance tasks in a bid to avoid future costly repair work.  Churches can use the website in order to arrange the following types of maintenance work:

  • Gutter clearance and repairs
  • Lightning protection inspections
  • Tree surveys and maintenance
  • Asbestos surveys and removal services

The website is currently in its infancy and there are plans to add more services over the coming months, such as:

  • Stonework and lime mortaring
  • Bat surveys
  • Grounds and graveyard maintenance

Any construction company here in the UK that specialises in heritage work or working on traditional buildings and can offer their services to church buildings would do well to head over to the website and register as a supplier of services.  This is a great way for heritage construction companies to reach a wider audience and gain new customers in the church buildings sector. 

Churches and chapels can use the register to locate a specialist construction company in their area to provide repair or maintenance services, obtain an online quote and then arrange for the work to be carried out after choosing from a range of suitable and competent suppliers. 

Maintenance Bookers was launched by the National Churches Trust in order to provide churches in the UK with a register of contractors with experience in church and historic buildings maintenance to ensure that only contractors with the specialised skills who deliver high quality work are chosen to carry out this vital element of protecting our heritage. 

The website also contains information on micro-grants for preventative maintenance and/or a Maintenance Grant Programme which is offered in partnership with the Pilgrimage Trust.  The Maintenance Grant Programme can provide awards of between £500 and £3,000 to encourage churches to take care of small but urgent maintenance issues and repairs to listed church buildings.  The website also contains information on the Listed Places of Worship Grants scheme which offers grants to cover the VAT incurred in carrying out repairs to listed buildings in use as places of worship and is run by the Department for Culture, Media and Sports.