Incredible Reasons for Dropping Cars from Great Heights

Incredible Reasons for Dropping Cars from Great Heights

18th November 2020

What kind of reason could anyone possibly have for dropping a car to Earth from a great height? The following examples show us that there are more reasons for doing this than you probably think.

Volvo Drop Cars to Simulate Crashes

When the safety experts at Volvo want to see what a crashed car looks like they don’t carry out a crash of their own. Instead, they drop a vehicle multiple times from a height of 30 metres, to simulate the effect of an extreme crash as closely as possible.

It isn’t just a case of engineers merrily throwing cars around, in case you are picturing this as some kind of car-smashing free for all. Rather, they carefully calculate exactly how much pressure and force will be used to give them the sort of damage they desire. They then drop it from the equivalent height where a fall protection post would be required for workers at such heights.

This tactic helps the emergency services, as they can work out the simplest, fastest ways to get injured people out of a badly damaged vehicle. Volvo is said to be preparing a report on their latest tests, which will be made freely available.

The Russian Vlogger Who Wasn´t Happy with His Mercedes

Russian vlogger Igor Moroz owned a Mercedes AMG G63 but he wasn’t happy with it. The car spent too long in the garage for various repairs and he claimed that they wouldn’t carry out some repairs even with a warranty in place.

He had bought the Mercedes for $200,000 in 2018, so you might think that the sensible option would have been to sell it and cut his losses. However, Igor had a better idea. He took his ill-fated Mercedes 1,000 feet up into the sky by tying it to a helicopter.

He then let it fall all the way to the ground, where it was smashed to pieces. A 7-minute video of the vehicle’s last journey was posted online, with the drop lasting some 10 seconds of stomach-churning action.

A Car Dropped from a Plane for a Movie

Furious 7 is part of the Fast and Furious series in which many cars were smashed in different ways. By the time of this seventh instalment, the writers were looking for a fresh new approach to add extra impact to the scenes. What better idea could there be than of sending cars tumbling out from a plane?

The stunt took months of careful planning and 10 cameras were used to capture the action. Despite all of the complicated logistics and a few setbacks along the way, the scene was captured without any major issues or accidents taking place.

It was all real too, with no computer trickery added to make it look more exciting. A C-130 transport plane was used, with a series of cars falling out one after another before parachuting to Earth. The biggest scare was when one car was getting dragged too close to traffic, so helpers on motorcycles had to chase after it with knives to cut the parachute free.