Idiots on Ladders - The Sequel

Idiots on Ladders - The Sequel

02nd October 2014

Back in January, we started the year with a blog post about Idiots on Ladders, showcasing some of the photos of dangerous use of ladders from the UK and around the world.  Well, for those of you who had a good laugh, Idiots on Ladders is back to entertain us some more.  In fact, if you follow the Ladder Association’s Facebook page, you can join in too – just don’t go doing anything stupid in order to get a good shot! 

The Ladder Association runs an annual contest to find the biggest ladder idiot and we’re all being invited to join in by taking photos of dangerous ladder use and sending them in or posting to the Ladder Association’s Facebook page.  If you’re looking to raise a smile, then visit the page and look at the photos that have already been sent in to this competition.  Images are coming in thick and fast from across the UK and even from other parts of the world despite the competition being UK based only.  One breath taking photo in from Egypt shows a plank propped on the edge of a balcony being used to gain access to the ceiling! 

Despite our strict health and safety at work regulations here in the UK, there are plenty of instances of idiots using ladders incorrectly.  CE Accredited Fabrications This means that the ladder is not being used in an appropriate manner and is likely to pose a risk to the user (and perhaps to others in the vicinity).  However, when you go abroad, it can be a whole different story.  Despite the fact that European legislation aims to ensure that there are health and safety at work regulations in all EU countries, getting a country to enforce these regulations is a whole different story.

While the rules and regulations may exist, if there is no organization taking responsibility for enforcing the rules, they are pretty ineffective.  With no system of spot checks and inspections, workers in some European countries just carry on using ladders without any consideration of health and safety issues.  All the health and safety regulations in the world make no difference unless they are acted upon and enforced.

Some of the European countries that have been feeling the worst effects of the current economic crisis have so many issues to worry about, that health and safety seems to fall on the wayside.  With countries needing to cut costs and reduce budgets, there is often not enough money in the coffers to run an effective health service, let alone instigate and enforce health and safety regulations.

Here in the UK, we are so lucky that for years we’ve been developing our health and safety regulations to offer real protection to workers – it makes Britain a safer country to work in. 

If you do happen to spot somebody using a ladder in an unsafe (or idiotic) manner, then why not join in the fun?  Whip out your phone, take a snap and upload it to the Ladder Association’s Facebook page for all to see.