Idiots On Ladders – And The Winners Are...

Idiots On Ladders – And The Winners Are...

25th February 2015

While health and safety in the construction industry is a serious business, here at Safety Fabrications, we also like to lighten things up a little from time to time.  We’ve already published some blog posts about the annual Idiots on Ladders photo competition.  Idiots on Ladders was dreamed up by the Ladder Association to raise awareness on the importance of using ladders safely at all times.  Despite legislation, despite plenty of information available and despite the fact that common sense should prevail, we still see so many instance of people using ladders in the most amazingly unsafe ways imaginable.  The Idiots on Ladders photo competition entries are all in for last year and the Ladder Association has chosen the winners so today, we’ll take a look at some of the entries.

We all know by now that when using a ladder it needs to be placed on a solid, firm surface – so what’s happening here?   The palm of the hands of two of your workmates do not constitute a solid, firm surface, however firm and manly these guys are!  This scenario looks like an accident waiting to happen and these guys are obviously workers who should know better.  It’s surprising just how many photos like this we see now that we have the internet which allows us to spread the message far and wide when we come across somebody doing something that’s just downright stupid.  The most that can be said for this photo is that at least the two workers holding the ladder have their feet on a solid, firm surface.

We recently came across another story about a ladder idiot, but this time the idiot wasn’t actually on the ladder, he was transporting the ladder.  A man in the back seat of a Nissan had his arm out of the window, holding onto a ladder as the car travelled along a busy dual carriageway.  Horrified onlookers took photos with their smart phones and the image hit Facebook and spread around the world.

Another of the Idiots on Ladders was this guy who propped his ladder on a wheelie bin to gain a bit more height.  The golden rule, as we all know, is to always make sure the feet of the ladder are resting on the ground.  Never tie ladders together to extend the length and never place a ladder on boxes or blocks to make it taller.  Just because nobody has actually written down the words “never place a ladder on wheelie bins to make it taller” doesn’t mean that you can do so!  Common sense really is in short supply in this photo and it’s a wonder this guy made it down safely.

This year, the Idiots on Ladders competition attracted more entries than ever as the public sent in more pictures of people working at height in a dangerous manner than ever before.  If you’d like to see the full array of people doing stupid things on and with ladders, then head on over to the Ladder Association’s Facebook page.  While some of the photos will probably make you LOL (laugh out loud), they are also a chilling reminder of just how stupid some people are as they risk life and limb to reach a little higher.

First prize in the Idiots on Ladders competition is this photo which really does beggar belief.  It shows two men using the bucket of an excavator with a ladder propped in it as they try to reach a particularly tall chimney.   There’s not a hard hat in sight and their clothing suggests that they are not professional construction workers.  That’s no excuse, however, and these guys are just lucky that they didn’t come a cropper and have a serious accident.