Idiots on Ladders 2015 - We Have a Winner

Idiots on Ladders 2015 - We Have a Winner

02nd February 2016

Once again it’s time to take a look at the winners of the Idiots on Ladders Competition which is organised by the Ladder Exchange Initiative.  The Ladder Exchange Initiative was first launched in 2007 and is actively supported by the Ladder Association and its members who have made a firm commitment to work in conjunction with the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the access industry. 

The Ladder Association runs an annual contest to find the biggest ladder idiot and invites the public to submit photos of people who are putting themselves (and often others) at risk by using a ladder in a dangerous manner.  Once all the entries are in, a winning image is chosen as the annual biggest idiot on a ladder. 

The winning image in the 2015 Idiots on Ladders competition was submitted by Mike Harris and has been described by Gary Chudleigh, the Marketing and Communications Officer of the Ladder Association as “a prime example of how not to use ladders”.   The ladders are being used incorrectly and this highlights just how essential it is to undergo the proper ladder training before undertaking the task at hand.  Chudleigh goes on to say “Gone are the days when learning on the job is acceptable.  The risks are simply too great”. 

Falls from height are still one of the biggest causes of deaths and injuries in the workplace here in the UK, despite the stringent health and safety legislation we have.  Here at Safety Fabrications we really can’t stress enough just how important it is to be properly trained and use a ladder correctly every single time. 

It’s estimated that there’s a massive two million ladders in daily use here in the UK which means that there could be a lot of people at risk of a fall from height injury.  The Ladder Association offers training schemes with a range of courses that are suitable for all levels of ladder users to ensure that they use the equipment safely and demonstrate the competence required by law. 

The Ladder Association is also responsible for instigating the annual Ladder Exchange Scheme, an initiative originally founded by the UK HSE and taken over by the Ladder Association in 2012.  The Ladder Exchange Scheme is an opportunity for anybody with a dodgy ladder to part exchange it for a discounted ladder from a participating ladder supplier.  While this is a great way of ensuring that the ladders in use in the UK are as safe as possible, it also ensures that unsafe ladders are taken out of use and disposed of in a responsible manner.

Although the Idiots on Ladders competition is a light-hearted way of highlighting just how silly some people can be, the 2015 competition attracted a “worrying” number of submissions, revealing that we’re not quite as sensible as we like to think we are here in the UK.  If you’re interested in taking a look at the submissions, they’ve all been published on the Facebook page of the Ladder Association so head on over, have a laugh and make sure that you don’t end up featuring in one of the “Idiots” images one day.